Belling Appliances in Your WA Designed Kitchen


Smarties deserve the Belling experience

When scouting your new home design, the kitchen is the make it or break it room. So, what can ‘make it’ a hands down, second to none, all out winner? WA-made of course! Oh, and for the crown jewel of accessories that your mates won’t stop gushing over – luxxy Belling appliances.

Why Belling? Well for one thing, they’re the leading UK appliance brand. And, just like their taste in Christmas movies – hello Love Actually – our mates in England are onto something! These Belling beauties feature sleek lines, black glass finish, and premium technology; basically that’s a whole lot of fancy words to tell you that they’re the best in the biz.

Plus, their new Designer Collection is all ours. Yep, it’s an exclusive offer for you, our smartest of Smartie clients. This means they’re crafted to fit perfectly with our kitchens. The only missing piece is you.

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Premium UK appliances rivalling Buckingham Palace in style

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Soft-closing doors perfect for secret late-night snacking

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Free cooking demo so you’ll learn to get the most out of your luxxy appliance


Treat yo’ self to our exclusive Designer Collection

Level up any kitchen space with the appliance equivalent of Gigi Hadid circa now. Belling’s the British appliance brand that’s been crushing the competition for over a century with their modern design and innovative technology.

They’re très chic. Each Belling appliance has been crafted to create a sophisticated and seamless finish. Only the best for you, darrrrlings! Pure black oven glass, cooktops made from stainless steel, and high-grade European tempered glass – it’s enough to make your jaw drop.

Rated #1 by Finder

Our Smarties only get the best, that’s why we chose Finder’s #1 rated oven brand from their 2019/2020 Retail Awards. After being recommended by 100% of the people surveyed by Finder – Srsly, a literally 100%! – it’s crystal clear that Belling got brains, beauty and lots of fans.

That’s because Belling has been flexing its kitchen innovation for over a century. Yerrrrrp, each appliance in our exclusive Design Collection has been manifested by 100 plus years of expert craftsmanship.


5 year warranty

Still wondering if Belling tips your kitchen from ‘break it’ to ‘make it’? How ‘bout a 5 year warranty to sweeten the deal? That’s the industry leading guarantee that comes with every Belling appliance.!

Meet your new best friends

If you’re anything like us than your kitchen is the heart of your home and your oven is your best friend. Some would call us foodies, others may call us greedy… we’re fine with both. But IMO the ultimate foodie dream is dual 600mm ovens. Why you ask? So we can cook savory and sweet at the same time. Duhhh!!

In all seriousness, dual ovens come in real handy when you’re cooking a roast, cos’ everything needs to be cooked at different temperatures and that’s a real pain. No more stressy Chrissy days in this Smart home.

Meet the team:

  • Built-in dual black glass 600mm ovens
  • Ultra-sexy black glass 900mm cooktop
  • Sleek and practical 900mm 4 fan speed rangehood
Free Cooking Session

Did someone say free cooking sesh?

To help summon your inner kitchen god/goddess, we’ll T you up with a complimentary Belling Cooking Experience which will have you tossing, flipping, and baking like a boss in no time.

So, what’s included in the experience? A Belling specialist will give you a master class on the very appliances that’ll soon be yours to play with. You’ll get to run through their smart functions and learn how to use them to up your kitchen game.

Then, round out the class with some delish food prepared just for you, in the Belling showroom. Sounds blissful right?

Cooking Smart Series ft. Belling

We teamed up with former MKR semi-finalist, Anna Bruno to learn all about her smart cooking tips and favourite recipes. Try them out in your kitchen or get inspired to create a space you love! We’re thinking a statement benchtop, high-end appliances and a clever hidden pantry, chef’s kiss!

In this video, Anna walks us through a mouthwatering recipe for pan-seared potato gnocchi on a bed of smashed vegetables. Try this classic gnocchi recipe at home and impress all your friends!

In episode two, Anna shows us how to whip up this simple yet incredibly delicious mushroom and feta risotto. The best bit? It doesn’t require hours of stirring because it bakes in the oven!

Wanna side of luxxy kitchen with your (new home) order?

Our smarties are ready to answer all your Qs about our WA-made kitchens, Belling appliances, inclusions (or any other, tbh). We’ll even do it online, so you don’t need to leave the couch.

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*Disclaimer: If installed in accordance with the Building Code of Australia, AS2589 and SmartWall Installation Guide using the complete GTEK SmartWall System. Cracks equal to or less than those categorised in Category 2 in AS2870-2011 are covered by the guarantee. BC 10805.