Proudly part of the BGC fam

They’re smart, strong and stable
(like your ideal life partner)

It’s smart to choose stability

If you’ve got this far, you’ve probably met some of our people, heard about our homes, or seen one of our oh-so-stunning designs. So now you need to know we’re legit. Fair enough! Well, let’s put your mind at ease: We’re part of the BGC family (The Buckeridge Group of Companies), one of Australia’s biggest names in building.

BGC don’t just build homes, they build WA icons like Perth Arena, NIB Stadium, and UWA’s science library. Aaaaand, they manufacture a whole range of leading building products too. And that’s real smart, because when we get the best, so do you.

Simply the best (or something less braggy)

When it comes to home builders, bigger is better. It’s all about buying power, and the availability of staff and materials.

Good news is, BGC Housing Group is WA’s biggest. People are choosing to build with them for good reason. They do what they say they’ll do, and they’ve taken home more HIA and MBA awards than any other local builder.

Did we mention they’re local? BGC Housing Group is owned and operated right here in WA, employing over 2000 WA folks. You probably know a few of them!


Building WA for 50+ yrs

Don’t be like the pig who built his home on sand. Choose stability! BGC Housing Group is as stable financially as our homes are structurally. Kind of important if you ask us! They’ve been around for over five decades and ranked as WA’s largest builder for more than 10 years. Ain’t no wolf going to blow that down.

Building with the best collage

BGC don’t just make homes

You can’t build a smart home without smart materials. Which is why BGC don’t just make homes, they make the stuff that makes homes. From BGC Cement, through to GTEK SmartWalls, Brikmakers bricks and beyond, over 50% of your new home will be BGC homegrown, so, the essentials are always in stock, right here in WA.

If there’s something BGC don’t make, we team up with the best of the best. Think Miele, Colorbond, and Laminex. And because of BGC’s huuuuge buying power, the big brands look after them. And that means we can look after you.

A (pinky) promise for life

There are some things you want to last a lifetime: Harry and Meghan, a pack of Tim Tams, your new home… You already know that our Smart babies are built to last and, as part of BGC Housing Group, anything we promise is backed by them.

The best products, promise. The best local trades, promise. Built with care and skill, promise. We’re so confident in our track record that every home we build comes with a lifetime structural guarantee. Pinky promise.

6-Star Energy Smarts

Anything less than six stars is less than good enough (Greta agrees). That’s why BGC Housing Group is leading the way in energy-efficient homes, guaranteeing that each new build meets the NatHERS 6-star energy rating. It’s all about future-proofing our planet and your investment. Green means 24%* less energy usage, a lower carbon footprint, and better resale value. Oh, and hello lower monthly energy bills!

*As projected by the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia in their publication ‘Your 6-star Guide to building an energy-efficient home’ (2011), in comparison to a 4 or 5 star home. This publication is presently referred to by the Building Commission (WA) and Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (WA). Also, see Images for illustrative purposes only. Builder’s Registration No. 6415.


Inspiration lives at BGC

If you’ve never seen inspiration in person (only on Pinterest or Insta) then BGC Home is a must-see. It’s the smartest showroom of its kind in WA. And we’re not just saying that because we live there! This space is 1,000m2 of pure style. Think colours, textures, tiles, fixtures, floors, finishes … it’s all here and open seven days a week. Bring supplies, ‘cause you won’t want to leave.

Building with the best collage

For the love of WA

BGC Housing Group is passionate about build homes AND opportunities. That’s why they’re sponsoring the West Perth Football Club Women’s Indigenous Program. The program gives indigenous women access to elite AFLW coaching, training facilities and club fees, so they can kick goals on and off the field. Fostering opportunities for inclusion, participation, and equality? We’re so down for that.

Go Perth Football Club Women’s Indigenous Program!

The bit where we answer your BGC Q’s

You’re the extra curious kind, we like that about you. And, it’s certainly smart to know everything about the group behind your home builder. That’s why we’ve asked the smart peeps at BGC to answer all your FAQs themselves! #delegationsmarts

I heard BGC is up for sale. How does that impact on my build?

In two words? It doesn’t. We’re a multi-billion-dollar group and from time to time we divest assets. However, that doesn’t impact our core building business, and our commitment to building the best new homes in Perth.

Is BGC Housing Group really WA's biggest builder? Why does it even matter?

That’s true! We’re not just WA’s biggest builder, we’re one of the biggest builders Australia wide. So, when we say we’re going to do something, like build your dream home and warranty it for life, you can sleep easy knowing that’s exactly what we’ll do.

How does BGC support WA's economy?

We employ thousands of West Aussies and support the WA economy by producing over 50% of our residential building materials right here in WA. We’ve also invested over $50 million in display homes supporting the West Australian economy.

BGC Housing Group is so big, will that change the level of service I get?

No. If anything, it’ll improve it. We’re the biggest builder (we may have mentioned that before) so we attract the best staff and lots of them. This means people power – you’ve got the pros working on your new home and the job won’t stop if someone takes leave.

Like you, we know the benefit of investment smarts so we’re constantly updating our tech to make your build better. In 2020 we launched a customer portal that updates you on your build in real time! Let’s see what next year brings …

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