What’s so smart about smart?

Smarter processes, better builds.

We’re here to make your new home happen, with expertise, super-smart processes, juicy cost efficiencies, and cuddles – if you’re into that kinda thing.

And if you’re not, that’s cool too. We’ll still use our Finance Smarts to help make that first home build a reality; Location Smarts to lock in the right land for you; Design Smarts to create a new home with your smarts at the heart; People Smarts to make the whole home building process a breeze, and Value Smarts to give you more spec for your spend.

Wait, we forgot the main one: Building Smarts! We’ll serve those up too, so you get a better quality, faster construction, and a lifetime of peace of mind.

Finance Smarts

Our in-house experts, Loan Co* are construction loan specialists so they’ve got the Finance Smarts to help you realise your new home dreams. They can tailor their loan selection to your situation, because when it comes to construction loans, one size does not fit all! And you won’t need 30 or 40 thousand dollars in savings to get started. Loan Co can access low deposit, even 0% deposit loans so you can get into the property market sooner. Did we mention that when it comes to the paper work, it’s all taken care of? Well if we didn’t, we are now – Loan Co will help you apply for government grants, get your finances in order, and well, you name it really, ensuring the best chance of loan approval.

Location Smarts

Where you build is just as important as what you build. That’s where our Location Smarts really come in handy. For a start, we cover most of WA, building homes from Two Rocks all the way down the hwy. And when you decide on a location, we can use our connections with WA’s best land developers to help you negotiate the best blocks at the best price. As an added bonus, once you’ve secured that land, we’ll use our solar-orientation smarts to position your home in the most efficient way possible. Giving your property the best chance of being bathed in Perth’s beautiful sunny rays year-round.

The Building Bonus Grant

Design Smarts

Design means so much more than building something beautiful. It’s about making your home a better, more inviting space that can grow and support your family – not to mention heaps of socialising – over the years to come. So we use our Design Smarts to maximise the liveable space on your block and make sure your home is fitted out with the hottest finishes and fixtures. Every little detail will be covered by our guided pre-start process, from taps to roof tiles, doors to downlights, and benchtops to basins. And if you’ve got a few of your own ideas, our iDesign program lets you take control of the internal spaces of your home and bring those ideas to life. So when it’s complete it’s not our home, it’s yours.

People Smarts

With over 110 years of experience between them, our management team have the People Smarts to know what makes a smoother, more satisfying building process. And they use these smarts to deliver an awesome service time and time again. It’s simple stuff really, like talking and listening to customers before building and being available when queries naturally arise. Those People Smarts also mean you’ll be guided by non-pushy people, every step of the way. And when we do roll our sleeves up and start building, we’ll use a team of top notch professionals so you can relax knowing your home is in good hands. But don’t take our word for it, just look at our 4.5-star Product Review rating!

The Building Bonus Grant

Value Smarts

We use our Value Smarts to negotiate with suppliers and land developers – building you a better spec home for less than you ever thought possible. Do we need to say more? It helps that we have the experience and buying power of BGC Housing Group behind us – one of the largest building companies in WA. This allows us to source everything from taps to roof tiles from brand name suppliers and deliver a finished home you can be proud of for years to come. And because we’ve been innovating more efficient building processes for years, and can make the most of every block size, you can expect a lot more home for less.

Building Smarts

When it comes to building your home, the hard work is done before the first brick is laid. We think about it. And we’ve been thinking about it for years; how to build better homes, faster, more cost effectively and without compromising quality. It’s what we call Building Smarts and starts with a fixed price contract and a commitment to a timeframe. It ends with a beautifully finished home that’s protected by a lifetime structural guarantee.

The Building Bonus Grant

Eco Smarts

We use our eco smarts to build 6-star energy-efficient homes. Not if you ask, always. Because building new homes guaranteed to meet the NatHERS 6-star energy rating is sustainable. And sustainable is smart! So too is future-proofing. This is why each NatHERS 6-star energy accredited home we build is efficiently designed, sustainably built, and the very best you can get for your future. You’ll even get a certificate to prove it. Frame it how you will!

Ready to start? Smart.

You’ve come to the right place. Leave your details below & we’ll use our speedy smarts to get in touch and make your new home happen.

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