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The Grand Atrium

We appreciate that you’re probably still in awe after seeing The Grand Atrium’s elevation. So, if you’re experiencing any slight dizziness, rapid eyelid fluttering, and visions of the envy you’ll spark in all your friends and neighbours, then stick with us. This is not a drill. The stunning 12.5 x 30m home design we all know and love has now evolved into the grandest, most modern SOR display home you could imagine.

We all know – okay, we didn’t until we googled it – that an atrium is a central, open air space, surrounded by a building. So, of course, we had to have one! Who wouldn’t want to walk through their new home and be greeted by a Bali-villa-style courtyard right in the middle? The gifts of natural light and tropical resort vibes spread throughout the centre of your home. #StaycationCentral

This 4 bedroom x 2 bathroom stunner has an interior design palette straight out of the pages of Vogue Living with splashes of black and gold and lush textures you won’t be able to keep your hands off. Then there’s the kitchen. This HUGE space sits directly opposite the central courtyard with a walk-in scullery and a bar recess. Yep, our layout smarties knew exactly where that recess needed to go – a hop, skip and stride away from your new private theatre of course.

*Advertised price reflects ‘The Atrium’ specification. Advertised imagery reflects ‘The Grand Atrium’ specification.

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The Space Smarts Range from $169,990*