Want A Larger Home For Your Block?

We’ve got the smarts to make it happen. See, we don’t need a bigger block or a bigger budget to build a bigger home. We use our space smarts to maximise the liveable area on WA’s most popular block sizes. And our value smarts to gift new home owners all these goodies (aka inclusions) as standard: full internal wall paint*, reverse A/C, Silestone bench tops, 31 course high ceilings to main living areas, and a resort ensuite. So if you like to think a little bigger, stand back and take a good look at our Space Smarts Range. 



Full Internal Wall Paint

free internal wall paintingKeep your paint spattered overalls in the cupboard because there’s FREE full internal wall paint with the Wattyl’s 2-coat colour system included.

High Ceilings

Did we mention how spacious the space smarts range is? All the main living areas have 31 course high ceilings, so you will have space to swing the proverbial cat.

Air Conditioning

You never have to worry about heating or cooling all that space in your new home because it will come with reverse cycle air conditioning.

Stone Benchtops

Your space smarts home will come with long lasting, high quality Silestone benchtops throughout.

Resort Ensuite

We all love #thatholidayfeeling so we’re finishing your ensuite with twin basins, a twin shower and a vanity top from Silestone.

Smartwall by GTEK™

crack free smartwall

Upgrade your wall game. Our new Smartwall by GTEK™ is greener, gives you sharper corners and has a lifetime no crack guarantee.

6 Designer Elevations

Stand out from the crowded streetscape with our #elevationsmarts. We’ve got something for everyone with 6 amazing looks.


Wattyl's 2-coat colour system

Reverse Cycle Airconditioning

Silestone Benchtops Throughout

31 Course High Ceilings to Main Living Areas

Amazing Resort Ensuite

6 Designer Elevations

 3  2 2  174 m2

4 2 2  300 m2

4 2 2 272 m2

4 2 2 234 m2

 5  2 2 280 m2

4 2 2 283 m2

4 2 2 257 m2

4 2 2  225 m2

4 2 2  191 m2

4 2 2  187 m2

4 2 2 278 m2

4 2 2 236 m2

Large house plans are so hot right now

This year is officially the year of the big home plan. You’ve been thinking about going BIG, you’re totally uninspired by the tiny house trend (fit all my clothes under the matchbox stairs … no thanks), and now you’ve landed here. Welcome! This is where we like to talk about all things large, spacious, big, huge, mighty, grand, spacious, and smart. When we talk about space smarts, we’re talking about big house plans that are ready to become your empire; your own kingdom that’s big on storage, natural light, and extras! Speaking of extras, our large house plans come complete with reverse A/C, Silestone benchtops, high ceilings, WA cabinetry and soft close kitchen drawers, plus a resort ensuite. What’s that you may ask? Imagine a 5* holiday – this is the bathroom to match, featuring a double basin (#goals), twin shower, and Silestone vanity top!

Let’s talk details *ahem* size and price

These are the homes that enhance every nook and cranny of liveable space, so you and the fam can live your best life (without living on top of one another)! Perhaps you want to go for 4 bedrooms or you’re diving right into 5 bedroom house plans. These space smart homes go up to 300m2 and even beyond that. If you’ve got the block, we’ve got the big house plan to go with it – actually, we have the whole H&L package if that’s what you need to make your huge home dream a huge home reality! Having said all of that, you don’t need to have a huge block to build a space smarts home. You could go bigger and more spacious on a block that fits a 12m frontage home! Because, who said that average sized blocks need to be home to average floorplans? No one Smart that’s FO SHO.

Let’s chat price. You want bigger and better but without the price tag. We get you, we feel the same way about our nightly Uber Eats order. So, here’s some Smart news: We have the best sqm rates in the industry without compromising quality!! That’s almost as good as a surprise Varsity burger in your delivery … almost. Just remember: “Go small or go home” said no one ever. Get in touch and we can talk all things super-sized!

Ready for your BIG start?

Our Space Smarts range delivers big value for a not so big bucks. And with 10+ home designs available there’s big choice too.

Get in touch and we’ll use our #supportsmarts to talk all things super-sized!

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