Where to Place Your WiFi Router in Your Home – The Physics

WiFi Router in Your Home

WiFi Router in Your Home. Image via Teague Electric

Where to place your WiFi router in your home… The Physics.

The physics of where in your home to place your wifi router has been established.

Jason Cole, a PhD physics student at the John Adams Institute at Imperial College London, has established the physics of the perfect placement for a WiFi router in your home, using complex mathematical calculations.

Cole studied how walls and reflections can impact a Wifi router, using his flat in London as a case-study.

Cole explains: “I’ve recently moved into a new flat, and to celebrate I bought a WiFi card for my PC rather than relying on a power line LAN adaptor – plug sockets are a valuable resource in a Victorian flat conversion and so shouldn’t be wasted on such trivial things.”

“Unfortunately, with my lovely new card freshly installed my connection was erratic at best, disconnecting more or less at random and generally being a first-class first-world problem.”

According to The Daily Mail, Cole used a complex mathematical formula known as the Helmholtz equation. The equation is used to resolve physical problems in time and space, for his experiments, Cole used a program called MatLab.

“As expected, only a small number of rays make their way into the WiFi-starved bunker where I keep my poor suffering PC, though happily I appear to get a direct line-of-sight to my bedside table near the diagonal wall.”

“The kitchen (right-middle) also seems to do quite well from all of the reflections, suggesting I should buy that internet-connected coffee machine…,” Cole wrote in his original blog post, ‘Wi-Fi Strife

Image: One of the images from Jason Cole’s Wifi analysis.

Where to Place Wifi in Your Home.

Where to Place a Wifi Router in Your Home. Source.

Cole concluded that placing a WiFi router near the center of your home was likely the best place to maximise your wireless internet home connection.

“It turned out that the model I developed was very sensitive to every little detail, so it was difficult to say other than the common sense advice: direct line-of-sight to the router is best.”

“In my case, the best position was as central as possible, preferably near open doorways.”

Jason said he would continue his work to help people around the world locate their perfect Wifi router home location, given the various factors at work in ‘Wifi optimisation’ in the home.

“Some inspired online comments have suggested taping an antenna to a robot vacuum cleaner and letting it sniff around the flat,” he wrote.

“There have been many other helpful comments which will no doubt improve the methodology in the future, and a surprising number of people asking for an app to test their own houses or offices, so there’s plenty of work to do.”

There you have it.

Read more from Cole’s blog.

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