Ubi – The Device That Allows You to ‘Voice Activate’ Your Home

A new device called Ubi could completely change the way we engage with our homes.

Ubi is a WiFi connected, voice operated, tiny computer that “allows you to stay in touch with family, friends, and the Internet completely hands free through voice.”

“If you go all the way back to early science fiction, there was this idea that people would be talking to an intelligence around them and those things would speak back to them,” Ubi Co-Founder Leor Grebler told Forbes recently.

“People have been wanting this for a long time. We’ve had to force ourselves to have unnatural interactions with technology. Typing things with your fingers is unnatural. Having a touch interface is better but still cumbersome. The most human way is through voice.”

According to the makers of Ubi, the device “brings custom voice interaction into your home so that you can send messages, play music, control Internet connected devices, and do almost anything without needing to pick up your phone or get to a computer. It’s always on and ready.”

“Even though it’s contained in a small 4.5″ x 4.5″ box, the Ubi is a powerful computer ready to serve you and help you stay connected. It runs Android OS and has two processors on board to take your commands and turn them into action. The Ubi uses the latest in voice recognition, speech triggering, natural language understanding, and text to speech to provide you with a unique interaction with the world around you.”

The best part of ubi is reminders, the device will promp you for meetings or appointments coming up later in the day. Ubi will also answer many of your simple questions, like “what is the weather like” as you’re on your way outdoors, or “What time is it”.

The major flaw with ubi, the device won’t typcially be able to communicate with you at distance, meaning you may need to purchase a few Ubi devices across your home to get full functionality.

Video: Ubi smart home device

Ubi—it’s pronounced “oo-bee,” drawing its name from “ubiquitous,” because it’s designed to operate 24/7. Ubi smart homes device ships from US$300.

H/T to TechHive, Forbes & Ubi.com

Author: smithma

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