Top 10 tips on how to refresh your home

We can sometimes feel that our home is looking dull and lackluster, ready for a re-vamp. Incorporate these smart tips to help refresh your home.

1. Know your style

It’s important to understand what vibe you want to bring to a particular area of your home. Develop a theme or use particular colours and accessories that will create the style you’re looking for. A great tip is to keep things simple. There’s nothing wrong with adding your own style but remember not to go overboard with features. Less is often more, when you walk into a space the last thing you want is to be bombarded with accessories and not know where to look. If you want a space that is relaxing then this will definitely kill the vibe. Keep in mind what you want to achieve in this space. Is it to motivate creativity and organisation? Use colours, textures and ornaments that bring that out in you. Know your style.

2. Re-use and re-purpose items

Do you have any household items that are past their used by date? Don’t chuck them out just yet. A quick re-paint of a wall rack for example can be all you need. Is it weighed down with heavy coats and scarves? Put these items in storage under your bed or in your closet and use the rack for dainty pieces of jewellery. Don’t throw out old mugs or pencil boxes, use them as makeup brush holders or for storing smaller bits and pieces. You can even use old mugs as pencil holders on your desk for a funky vibe.

3. Add depth with a mirror

The ultimate addition to a small room in particular is a large mirror. This will provide the illusion of more space and will also look aesthetically pleasing. You can find all sorts of simple to fancy mirrors around Perth. Take a look at and for a range of standing, wall and cabinet mirrors.

Adding a mirror can make a big difference to a room

Adding a mirror can make a big difference to your room – Check out Ikea & Freedom furniture for some ideas

4. Add a rug

Something as simple as adding a rug to a room can make a world of difference. It can brighten up a dull room or bring a relaxed vibe to a busy space. There are an array of sizes, textures, patterns and colours to choose from, so there will definitely be something to suit your style.

Keep the rug basic if there is another statement piece - The Protege by Smart Homes for Living

Keep the rug basic for a relaxed style – The Parallel by Smart Homes for Living

A bright statement rug can make the room look alive - The Protege by Smart Homes for Living

A bright statement rug can make the room look alive – The Protege by Smart Homes for Living

5. Adorn walls with framed features

There are so many ideas that can be created using frames. Photo’s from last years calendar of a luxurious holiday destination, digital photos printed in colour, black and white or sepia tones or images you may already have around the house. Visit your local Good Sammy’s and pick up some cheap frames, that when placed in a pleasant pattern or randomly on a wall can make the room come to life.

6. Display everyday items as art

Why not add some household features to the wall, such as trendy hooks that you can hang jewellery, scarves or hats from. You can even do this in the kitchen and hang your mugs from the wall.

7. Make your own artwork

If you don’t have a beautiful scarf collection to display, that’s okay. Art supply stores sell inexpensive canvases of all sizes that you can use to express yourself with paint, charcoal, pencil or an array of other mediums. Have your dog walk across them with paint on his paws or have your children’s hand prints placed at different angles in different colours.  If you don’t feel that you’re very artistic, buy some colorful fabric and wrap it tightly around the canvases. This will add texture and vibrancy the same way a painting would.

8. Make a statement with paint/wallpaper

One of the biggest ways you can update a room is to paint it or add wallpaper. This may mean all of the walls or changing the style with a bright or dark feature wall. This is an inexpensive way to make a big difference to your home. If you are feeling creative or want to add some life to a child’s room, pick up some stencils, add wallpaper or have an artist paint a mural.

A colourful fish mural -

A colourful fish mural brings the room to life – Source:

Does your child love dinasours? Why not add a funky feature wall - Source:

Does your child love dinasours? Why not add a funky feature wall like the one above – Source:

Add a happy animal design to your childs bedroom - Source:

Add a happy animal wallpaper to your child’s bedroom – Source:

Something for the girl's - Source:

Something for the girl’s – Source:

9. Add pillows

Another simple way to add colour and brighten up a room is to add pillows. Any size, shape, colour or texture will add a new style to your room. Get creative and add different shades of a colour that already exists, or opt for something opposite if you would like a stand out feature.

10. Upgrade the lighting

Those standard frosted ceiling domes scream cheap and generic. Swap them for a more creative covering, or just forgo them altogether in exchange for an eclectic combo of standing floor and table lamps, which have the added benefit of casting more flattering light than their overhead cousins do. Target has rows of lamps of all shapes and sizes—from Asian-inspired paper covered to thoroughly modern and minimalist.

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