Top Pantone Colours for Spring 2015

The Pantone Color Institute is the global authority on colour. It provides a range of colour systems and is the leader in technology for the selection and accurate communication of colours across a variety of industries.

For more than 20 years, Pantone has surveyed the designers of New York Fashion Week and beyond to bring you the season’s most important colour trends.

For Spring 2015, the colours Pantone have chosen are much cooler and softer, with subtle warm tones that follow a minimalistic air theme that takes a cue from nature. It is a mixture of understated brights, pale pastels and nature-like neutrals that take centre stage. See a snapshot of the colours that made their favourites list below.


Pantone has chosen their favourite colours for Spring 2015. Via Pantone

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute said the following about the new Spring 2015 colours:

Many feel compelled to be connected around the clock because we are afraid we’ll miss something important. There is a growing movement to step out and create ‘quiet zones’ to disconnect from technology and unwind, giving ourselves time to stop and be still. Color choices follow the same minimalistic, ‘en plein air’ theme, taking a cue from nature rather than being reinvented or mechanically manipulated. Soft, cool hues blend with subtle warm tones to create a soothing escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

See the colours that made the cut below with interior design examples for each, to see how you can incorporate them into your own home.

1. Aquamarine (Pantone 14-4313)


Via Pantone and Baby Dragon Year

Aquamarine is cool and calming, with a wet and watery feel. Open and expansive, it evokes a restful vibe and can therefore help to reduce stress. It will work well with Glacier Gray and Marsala.

2. Scuba Blue (16-4725)


Via Pantone and SplendidHabitat

Scuba Blue is an invigorating turquoise that is carefree, playful and even though it is a cool shade – its vibrancy gives your room a splash of excitement. Feel the tropical ocean vibes with this colour. It will pair well with classic blue and beveled glass.

3. Beveled Glass Green (14-5714)


Via Pantone and Etsy

Beveled Glass is a soothing green shade that seems almost transparent. It is fresh, clarifying and cool with a minty glow, as well as being light in weight and tone. Will pair well with classic blue and scuba blue.

3. Classic Blue (19-4052)


Pantone and The English Room

Classic blue is a staple colour that is strong, reliable and thoughtful. If you want your space to evoke a calm vibe, confidence and harmony then classic blue is for you. Will pair well with sandstone and marsala.

4. Toasted Almond (14-1213)


Pantone and Pinterest

For a sun-tanned neutral colour, the Toasted Almond offers warmth and a spontaneous spring/summer feeling. It is timeless, versatile and an organic shade that pairs well with many other colours. Experiment pairing with lavender herb.

5. Strawberry Ice (16-1720)


Pantone and Pinterest

Strawberry Ice is a cooling delicacy of a colour that is subtle but charming. It is a great colour for a young girls nursery or for someone daring enough to splash accessories of it in the living room (if you don’t mind splashes of pink that is). Pair it with toasted almond or tangerine for sweet vibes.

6. Tangerine (15-1247)


Via Pantone and The Design Sheppard

Tangerine is a juicy orange shade that is energizing and spontaneous. It is versatile to stand out on its own or adds vitality to a bold, printed pattern. Pair it with toasted almond or strawberry ice.

7. Custard (13-0720)


Via Pantone and Jerry Enos Painting

Custard is a delectable yellow that is a cheery tone reminiscent of relaxation and comfort. It’s mellow warmth gives off positive vibes and would look particularly good with leather furniture. Try pairing it with classic blue.

8. Marsala (18-1438)


Pantone and LivSpace

Marsala is sensual and bold, with an inviting tone that also nurtures and gives a sense of stability. A warm shade with a rich tone, this is one colour that excels in offering natural earthiness to any space it’s put in. Pair it with sandstone or classic blue.

9. Glacier Grey (14-4102)


Pantone and Pinterest

Glacier Gray both contrasts and enhances, bouncing off other shades without taking away from them. It can be a background colour or take centre stage. It is a neutral and timeless shade, one that you can truly invest in for the long term. Pair it with dusk blue or treetop.

9. Dusk Blue (16-4120)


Pantone and Style At Home

Dusk Blue is a favourite shade for men. A similar colour to the sky above, it allows us to retreat into a safe quiet place. Pair it with glacier gray or treetop for mellow, comfortable vibes.

10. Treetop (18-0135)


Pantone and Aisonhome

Treetop is a natural and fertile green that is ideally used as a background to other shades. It is a nurturing colour that offers a reassuring presence. For a soothing impact in any room, add some treetop green. It will also pair well with glacier gray or dusk blue.

11. Woodbine (18-0538)


Pantone and YoursByDesign

Woodbine is a tropical green that is nature’s neutral, a classic yellow-green that can be used with anything and everything, it hints as a reminder of foliage, grass and growing plants. Pair it with lavender herb or titanium.

12. Sandstone (16-1328)

Sandstone is a stable and grounded shade that is woodsy and rugged. It is regarded as a complex neutral with a warming presence. Pair it with marsala or classic blue for an aesthetic appeal.

13. Titanium (17-4014)


Pantone and Shutterstock

Titanium is strong, masculine and solid. It is a gray shade that is timeless, as well as classic and tasteful. Pair it with lavender herb or woodbine.

14. Lavender Herb (16-3310)


Pantone and Room Decor Ideas

Lavender Herb is a shade rich in nostalgia. It will make any room pop and pairs well with toasted almond.

Featured Image: Pantone Official Website

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