Top 7 Useful Smart Devices for the Home

Top 7 Useful Smart Devices for the Home

 In the smart homes of the future, refrigerators will send us a picture of its inside contents while we are shopping; our washing machines will sms us when its started and finished its cycle, and we can call our oven to start pre-heating just before we get home. This all sounds so convenient, but if you are willing to pay the price – you could live in the future, right now, with some smart devices already available to buy on the internet.

Companies are quickly introducing a variety of smart home devices that let you use your smart phone to practically do anything. With help from, we here at Smart Ideas put together the Top 7 Useful Smart Devices for the Home that combine automation with beautiful simplicity.

Here’s what made the list:


1. Home Surveillance: Canary ($249)


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A recent consumer survey by research firm IHS found that the most desired smart home device was one that detected intruders. The second is a device that can detect hazards like fires and carbon monoxide. The Canary home surveillance device can do both, with its HD video camera, microphone, motion detector and temperature and humidity sensor compacted into a sleek cylinder. When Canary senses something out of the ordinary in your home, it will send you an alert with video footage and options for responding.


2. Temperature Control: Nest Thermostat ($249) or Honeywell Wifi Smart Thermostat ($249)

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Image via Honeywell

Both the Nest Thermostat and Honeywell let you control your home’s temperature from anywhere in the world using your smart phone, furthermore, the two products learn your temperature preferences based on your behaviour and adjust your thermostat accordingly.

3. Hazard Detection: Nest Protect ($99)


Image via Nest Protect

Nest Protect is a home fire alarm that tells you if there is smoke or CO in your house and where it’s exactly coming from. You can receive phone alerts when it goes off, or when the battery needs to be changed. There is a phone app that lets you create an emergency plan ahead of time too, and when you are in the event of an emergency, the app will send you a customized list of useful tips.


4. Sprinkler System: RainMachine ($249) 


Image via RainMachine

According to EPA, 30% of our daily water use goes towards land irrigation. The RainMachine by Green Electronics attaches to your sprinkler controller and uses wifi to download seven days of weather forecasts, and then it adjusts your sprinklers accordingly. If your wifi does go down, the RainMachine can operate using the stored weather data and tweak the amount of watering based on a database of seasonal rain averages. When it rains, the sprinklers remain off.


5. Hazard Detection: WallyHome ($299) 


Image via WallyHome

Wally detects water leaks and mold, coming with sensors that you can plance anywhere around your house to monitor temperature, moisture and humidity. These sensors then alert you when they detect leaks.


6. Temperature Control: Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner ($279)


Image via Quirky Aros

If you want to cut down on energy costs, the Aros window unit by Quirky and GE is the ultimate solution. It tracks your routine and learns when you want to get cooler, also tracking your usage and suggests to you how to adjust the settings so you can further save money. It can automatically turn itself off when you leave, and turn back on as you near the home based on your phone’s GPS.


7. Cooking: Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker ($129.99) 


Image via Crock-Pot

Brought to you by The Crock-Pot and Belkin WeMo is this smart cooking device, where you just put the food in, set the temperature, and then monitor the cooking from anywhere in the world by your phone. No matter where you are, by the time you get home dinner will be warm and waiting for you.


Featured Image: Crock-Pot

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