Top 5 Outdoor Accessories to Help Battle the WA Climate

Top 5 Outdoor Accessories to Help Battle the WA Climate

Western Australia’s weather and climate is one of the most diverse in the world. Due to its enormous size, the southwest has mild, wet winters and hot dry summers, while Perth has more sunny days. Perth has a Mediterranean-style climate, which means that for the most of the year, the weather is warm and sunny, with Perth having more sunny days per year than any other Australian capital city. Even during the short mild winter, the sun is often shining.

As the long summers in Perth mean everyday activities often revolve around the outdoors, you would want your own backyard at home to make the most of the WA climate too.

Here are the top 5 outdoor accessories to help make the most of the WA climate, as well as protect you from it:

1. Big Sun Umbrella / Canopy Shade


The Nova South West Display Home by Smart Homes for Living

Important: you need shade in your backyard to shield you from the harsh WA sun (and reduce your risk of skin-related cancers). Whether that shade is from a large table umbrella, a canopy shade (as seen above) or even a pergola – it is important to invest in a decent level of shading to make backyard activities more comfortable for yourself, your family,your pets and when entertaining.

2. Ceiling Alfresco Fan


The Protege Display Home by Smart Homes for Living

An outdoor alfresco fan not only provides excellent cooling, but also (with the gentle breeze it gives) may help in keeping mosquitoes and flies away.

3. Add Plants


The Gallardo Display Home by Smart Homes for Living

Having plants and trees in your backyard (and around your home) makes your home instantly cooler in summer, while in winter, it helps to insulate the home and keep it warmer by shielding the house from cool winds.

4. Synthetic Grass


The Octave Display Home by Smart Homes for Living

Don’t forget that hot, sunny days can make the ground really hot – too hot for pets paws to walk on or children’s bare feet to play on. Invest in some synthetic grass for your backyard, even if it’s a small area.

5. Firepit


The Gallardo Display home by Smart Homes for Living

Looking for a more unique outdoor accessory, one for winter? What about a firepit – a quirky way to bring camping to your backyard as well as keep warm on those cool WA winter nights.

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