Is This The Ultimate Smart Office Desk Design?

The Ultimate Smart Office Desk Design?

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As technology evolves, so does the design of desks we use the technology on.

Traditional bulky desks with multiple built-in drawers have well and truly become out-dated, as we make way for sleeker, simplistic designs to compliment the improvement in technology systems.

We all find ourselves multi-tasking at our desks between devices (desktop computers, laptops, ipads, kindles, mobile phones, ipods, headhones) so it makes perfect sense to have a desk that makes it easier to access them.

Enter the Artifox desk – a hand crafted desk with easy assembly that’s perfect for today’s modern workflow. Made of solid wood (great for butting the head against!) with an installed writable/erasable whiteboard, the cables are managed out of sight, while tech devices can dock seamlessly on the desk surface.

Have a look at more photos of this innovative desk below and be inspired to have this as a DIY project of your own, or if you have US $1,099 to spend, you can buy it right here.

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All Images Source: The Artifox

Feature Image Source: The Artifox

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