Spring Cleaning – The Cheat Sheet

Welcoming warmth and sunshine back into our lives, spring is a time of sweet scented excitement and regeneration. The one seemingly negative component associated with this glorious time, is the dreaded spring cleaning.  A “yearly” task that becomes increasingly terrifying, after being craftily avoided for several years. So how do you find the motivation to commit to your well overdue spring clean? Find ways to cheat! Here is a cleaning cheat sheet designed to help you tackle the dreaded spring clean with renewed gusto.

1. Get rid of clutter

Copper cup makeup holders for the bathroom spring clean

Image Source: A Beautiful Mess

Keeping every day items and knick knacks off surfaces, will reduce the “messy” feel of a room and might allow you to wipe over your surfaces more frequently. DIY ideas like these copper cup makeup holders are an excellent example of how to store your makeup and reduce clutter. For some other DIY ideas, check out 10 Easy Pint-sized DIY Projects For The Home.

2. Cull, organise and pack away

overflowing shoes in need of sorting out for spring clean

Image Source: Jacob Owens via Unsplash.com

Get rid of excess clothing and household items you don’t use – these take up space and make mess!  If you have items that you can’t stand to part with but aren’t used frequently, label them and chuck them in an airtight container in the garage or storage room. Get them out of sight and out of mind. If the container is still there, untouched, years later when you’re next spring cleaning, then you should probably consider having another cull. Have a look at How Much Storage is Enough for some other smart storage ideas.

3. Utilise household appliances

chrome dishwasher out to better use cleaning everyday household items

A dishwasher (of the electric variety) can be an absolute godsend to lazy (smart) people wishing to clean their durables without breaking a scrubbing induced sweat.  Aside from dishes, a dishwasher can be an incredibly smart way to clean other dishwasher safe items like: stove hood covers, lightbulb filters, baseball caps or even shoes.

4. Clean while you sleep

sleeping on the couch while your household items get cleaned

Image source: Benjamin Combs via Unsplash.com

Cleaning agents work better when left to soak for longer. Melanie Piloni from Lifehacker.com says that you can splash your toilet, sink, bathtub or even wrap your shower head in a bag filled with vinegar and leave it alone to eat away at the limescale overnight.  Just don’t forget to rinse it off afterwards, vinegar isn’t exactly the lemony fresh smell we all know and love.

5. Get crafty

repurposed wine cork board made after spring clean

Image Source: A Beautiful Mess “Try This: Wine Cork Bulletin Board

Why not try to re-purpose some of your old favourites so that you’ll use them again? Take that pair of flared jeans and cut them into more socially acceptable denim shorts. Or stockpile your wine bottle corks and make something creative and useful like this cork notice board idea from A Beautiful Mess.

7. Clean as you go – and try to have fun with it!

Probably the most simple suggestion that will save you time in the long run, is to clean as you go. We all remember our grandmother’s saying “A stitch in time saves nine”. Never before has it been more relevant. Try to have fun with it, because the more cleaning you do along the way, the less overwhelming it will be when it finally comes to spring!

Now get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

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