What do Do With Your Spare Room

What do Do With Your Spare Room

Ahh, the multi-purpose spare room. It often becomes a mess of boxes and hoarding old things. Rather than neglect the spare room, make something of it.

Every family is complex and diverse in their interests, careers and lifestyles. As such,  every home needs to reflect that family and be compatible with their needs.

And yet, the spare room is a universal common challenge for many people to the point they simply ignore it.

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While some people may require it to be a home office, others may want it to be a home gym, a music ‘jam’ space, or as an extra bedroom.

Rather than focusing on just one concept for the spare room (which may see you debate with another family member) – consider combining a few concepts to make it a dual-purpose room.

For example, consider having the spare room be:

  • The Home Office & The Gym Space
  • The Home Office & The Guest Bedroom

These combinations can be done to make for a dual purpose space room. ¬†For the home office, you’ll need a desk and office chair at least. All you need to do is add the treadmill or dumbbells and keep them far away from your desk station. Try a decorative way to ‘zone off’ the two areas, either with shelving or a screen divider. For having it as a guest bedroom, you can have a traditional sofa bed, that folds down into a mattress without just having a traditional mattress that takes up all the space.

These are just a few dual purpose ideas for the space room, but there are many more to consider combining. All it takes is adaptable furniture and smart storage to fit key bits and pieces into the room to achieve your functional spare room that will be used!


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