Smart Ways to Transport Around Without a Car

Smart Ways to Transport Around Without a Car 

Having a car can be great – but with petrol prices going up and regular service trips needed, driving a car can be an expensive long term commitment.

With that being said, here are some smart ways to transport around without a car.

1. Train

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Save money on petrol and instead opt for travelling around by train. See Transperth’s timetables here.

2. Bus

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Look into what bus routes are around you. There are also CAT buses in the Perth CBD that are free to use. Get information here.

3. Cycling

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Want great health benefits? Cycling is a low-impact exercise that will help keep you physically active.

4. Scooter 

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With the cost of Taxi’s expensive and bus routes very long, scooters make life more convenient for you and are cheaper to run than cars.

5. Skateboard

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Skateboading gives you overall fitness, flexibility, tests your physical endurance, precision, pain tolerance and stress relief.


Alternatively, you can always try and aim to live as close to public transport or places of convenience to you if possible to save money and eliminate the need of requiring a car.

Contact Smart Homes for Living to see what house and land packages are available close to public transport or major freeways to suit your lifestyle.



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