Smart Furniture – Multi-functional Furniture for your Smart Home

Smart Furniture – Multi-functional Furniture for your Smart Home

It can get a little difficult to include every decor, object and furniture you want into a home. It’s not practical either, as it can be more effective and achievable to just opt for fewer multi-purpose pieces of furniture. Not only do you save space and money but everything will be more efficient and convenient in your home.

Check out some of examples of great and innovative multi-functional furniture below:

1. Chairs that go up and down and upside down.



A chair doesn’t just have to be something to sit on, or something that must be on the floor. You can creatively turn it into something else. For example, folding chairs could be mounted to the wall – when flat they just sit there out of the way – but when unfolded out, the seat can be used as a storage shelf, with the base being great to hang things off. (Found on Yiconglu)


2. Aleph Multi-Purpose Furniture



If you live alone or in a small space then having too much furniture is not practical and not necessary either. This is where Aleph furniture comes into the equation. Designed by Gyuyub Jo, Aleph is a collection of pieces inspired by boxes. These boxes, lids and wooden sticks can be combined and reconfigured in many different ways, thus offering a maximum of efficiency and functionality when in a small space. (Found on mocoloco)


3. Mirror and Board


A cheval mirror that can also become an ironing board – this is “Madame est servie”, all you have to do is tilt it and lock it in place. You can iron your clothes and then admire them in the mirror, an interesting multi-functional piece. (Found on Aissalogerot)


3. Bike Shelf



The idea of storing a bicycle inside the house doesn’t immediately seem like a great way of saving space. True, you can mount it on the wall on a bike rack but let’s go one step further to make that more multi-functional. How about a Bike Shelf – where it serves as both a rack and a shelf, and can be custom made to any bike size and from any type of wood. (found on Knife & Saw).


4. Matroshka



This is Mastroshka, a collection of furniture pieces inspired by those Russian dolls that fit inside each other. The collection is composed of several versatile pieces that can be combined and configured in many different ways, and the best part is they can be stored in one another. The most compact version takes up just 4 square meters. These pieces collectively can make a bed, a desk, a bookshelf, a coffee table, a dining table, a wardrobe, clothing drawers and seating for 12 people. Now that’s multi-functional!


5. Campeggi flexibility simplicity



The campeggi was created by French designer Matali Crasset, and it is a piece that is simple but very flexible. It transforms from a cosy, soft and relaxing pad to sleep on straight to a seating area for chatting, reading, writing and can be an integrated table if needed. It’s a pad that can be folded according to your needs.


6. Flip Coffee Cup Seating




This is multi-functional furniture that is fun to look at! This is called the Flip Furniture collection and it now includes a chair that is shaped like a coffee cup. The idea behind this is that pieces change function when flipped. The coffee cup can be either a lowtable or it can become an armchair or a chair with a low back. (Found on MocoLoco)


7. The Land Peel



An innovative flexible and adaptable piece is found right here in the ‘Land Peel’ – created by a Japanese industrial design student Shin Yamashita. Essentially, it’s a flat mat – but no ordinary mat. It is made of three pieces and each panel can be lifted – transforming into a table or a seat. It’s perfect for activities like lounging, studying, relaxing, reading or watching TV.


8. The Fashion Table




Want a pool table, but don’t have enough space? Introducing the ‘Fusion’ table, serving as both a dining table and as a pool table. It was created by Aramith, and is a great multipurpose piece, allowing you to have fun and then converting it into a regular looking dining area.


 9. The Chair/Ladder


Stonewall Kitchen’s Chair/Ladder helps you reach something that is stored up on that top cabinet. Then it stores into a chair which is useful. (Found on Treehugger).


10. The Cleo


A pyramid can become so many things. Cleo is a modular sofa made of polyurethane foam. It was designed by Barbara Pece and is made up of nine pieces, these pieces can be reorganized and used to create all sorts of shapes and pieces. You can create a table, a desk, a sofa, a chair or even a lounge chair.


11. The Reading Corner


It’s common to have a small and cozy sofa in the reading corner with a bookshelf near by – but how about combining them into one piece – a bookcase sofa seat? The Ransa sofa does this with it’s base that serves also a book storage space, giving the illusion the sofa is floating above the books, which makes it a lovely standout multi-functional furniture piece.


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