Online Movie Streaming Services for Your Home

Movie Streaming Services for your home.

Australia’s online movie streaming services market is booming, offering easy-to-use, cheap and legal access to the very best new and old movies and TV series on demand.

As more services come online, technology and viewing habits change, Australian’s are turning away from the traditional video rental store and ad packed free-to-air TV.

Internet enabled content in the livingroom on a smart TV or on the go via tablet and smartphone is becoming the norm. As they say, content is king.

There are an assortment of movie streaming services to choose from, depending on your ISP, technology, price, desired content and internet connection. Let’s take a look at the best and most popular streaming content services available in Australia right now.

Fetch TV

Fetch TV streaming movie service

Fetch TV streaming movie services. (Image Via Internode)

Services: Get up to 30 free movies on demand at any one time, access to new release titles from most studios for rent. Available to customers of Optus, iiNet, Adam Internet, Westnet and Internode. Also gives you access to a number of popular live streaming pay-TV channels.

Cost: About $10 per month, depending on package and usage.



Quickflix as seen on a Samsung Smart TV

Quickflix as seen on a Samsung Smart TV

Services: Quickflix started out as a DVD rental service, it now gives internet streaming access to a number of big Hollywood studios for new release titles, and a catalog of 60,000 older titles. You can access Quickflix on just about any device, including Smart TV’s, consoles, smartphones and tablets.

Cost: Unlimited streaming starts from $9.99 per month.


iTunes/ Apple TV

Apple TV (via

Apple TV (via

Services: The first choice of all Apple product owners, iTunes is streamed on your TV via Apple TV (usually retails about $90). Prices for invididual movies vary depending on popularity of the film, with a big catalog selling from 99c up to about $9 for a rental, or you can buy outright for about $25 for a film or TV season.

Cost: Depending on film or TV show, about $25 for a series or movie to own.


Google Play

Google play streaming interface.

Google play streaming interface. (Google Play)

Services: Just like iTunes but ideal for owners of android devices and enabled TVs. A pretty big selection of streaming movies and popular TV series. Prices are usually slightly cheaper than Apple users.

Cost: Starting from $3



Mubi movie streaming services only on PlayStation. Cult films and World Movies.

Mubi movie streaming services only on PlayStation. Cult films and World Movies. (

Services: For Sony Playstation users, focused on World Movies, Cult Films.

Cost: $4.99 per month for Sony Playstation users.


Bigpond Movies

Streaming movies by Bigpond, popular with Telstra customers.

Streaming movies by Bigpond, popular with Telstra customers. (Via

Services: Access to new releases from most major studios and a catalog of over 4,000 titles. Telstra customers get access unmetered. Avaliable via TBox and IPTV enabled TV brands, LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Android Tablet.

Cost: $5.99 per movie


Foxtel Presto

Presto by Foxtel

Presto by Foxtel

Services: Presto, owned by Foxtel, offers recent release movies and access to the Foxtel catalog. Presto gives subscribers access to movies from all the major Hollywood players. (You don’t need Foxtel to install Presto TV)

Cost: $9.99 per month


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