Lighting Fixture Inspiration For Your Home

When it comes to moving into a new home or redecorating your current residence, it can be hard deciding where to start and what to update.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add life and brighten up your home, take a look at our inspiring lighting fixture ideas.

Aristocrat by Smart Homes

The stunning kitchen in the Aristocrat by Smart Homes for Living

If you’re interested in something eye catching and dramatic, opt for a hanging light. Not only are hanging lights a great feature throughout the home, they can add the finishing touch to an already beautiful room.

Champion by Smart Homes

The sophisticated bedroom in The Champion by Smart Homes for Living

If you feel your bedroom is lacking in sophistication, add a stunning hanging light like the one pictured above. A similar candle or light feature as seen in the ensuite will add to the character of the room. Choosing a colour similar to the bedhead, lamps or bedspread for example will tie the design together harmoniously.

Champion by Smart Homes

The Lighting fixture inside The Champion by Smart Homes for Living

If you don’t want your lighting fixture to stand out too much, opt for a colour that will blend with the remainder of your furniture. As seen in the above photo, they have opted for darker tones as seen in the blinds and living room couch.

Commander by Smart Homes

Stunning feature lights as seen in The Commander by Smart Homes for Living

If you’re interested in making lighting the feature of your bedroom, opt for a stunning design as pictured above. These hanging lights add a modern twist and ultimate sophistication to your master suite.

Destiny by Smart Homes

The kitchen light as seen in The Destiny by Smart Homes for Living

A bold feature light can add the perfect addition you’ve been looking for. Pulling a colour used in the bar stools through to the light and the vase as pictured in this kitchen tie the design together nicely.

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