Light up your Kitchen with LED Lights

LED’s (known as light-emitting diodes) are energy saving light sources that are able to last for years while offering so much interior design flexibility. They can be used for general room lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Have you ever considered the idea of installing LED lights into your kitchen however? So go ahead and light up your kitchen with LED lights.


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LED’s are great accent lights for floating shelves in the kitchen, giving off a stylish look.


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Recessed ceiling lights are primarily used to illuminate many kitchens, traditionally using halogen or other incandescent sources. With new remodeling kits however, you are able to replace those fixtures with LED’s – and they are longer-lasting and more energy-saving. If your ceilings are high, you may not have to get out the ladder to change a halogen bulb ever again – as LED’s can last up to 20 years.


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Transluctant glass countertops are able to lit from below by LED lights, giving off a dramatic accent that adds an intimate mood into the kitchen.


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Toe-kick lighting in another form of accent lighting and it’s both practical and good looking. It creates a night time illumination while also serving as a type of path light where extra safety measures are needed, as well as adding warmth and depth.


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LED’s can also be installed behind a translucent backsplash, so long as they are of translucent material such as glass. Similar to toe-kick lighting, LED splashbags add depth and fantastic night time illumination.


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Don’t forget about your dark pantry. Use LED ‘strips’ to illuminate the back of shelves to provide radiant illumination without shadows. You can also use this idea for cabinet interior lighting, such as utensil drawers, deep bases and dark corners.

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