Keeping Warm with Electronics

Electric appliances can be found everywhere in the home, from the kitchen right through to the theatre. Electricity can also be used to keep ourselves warm, and there are some interesting products on the market that provide such warmth. Before I show you four of the most popular electronics that can keep us warm below, please be mindful that electrical fires can ignite from overuse and neglect of any electronic appliance, especially ones that are close to other foreign materials. Never leave electronics unattended, and never leave them on for too long of a time. Please be very careful and responsible in using electric appliances.

Keeping Warm with Electronics:

1. Electric Blankets

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An electric blanket is a blanket with an integrated electrical heating device that is usually put above the top bed sheet. The electric blanket may be used to pre-heat the bed before use, or to keep the occupant warm while inside the bed. More modern low voltage electric blankets have thinner carbon fibre wires which work on 12 to 25 volts, making blankets such as these more comfortable and safer than ordinary 110/240 volt blankets. Newer modern electric blankets have an in-built shutoff mechanism to prevent the blanket from overheating and catching fire. Older electric blankets may not have a shutoff mechanism, so there is a higher chance of the blanket overheating, which makes older style electric blankets fire hazards. When using a modern electric blanket, be mindful of a burn risk to those more vulnerable to feel it, such as the elderly, small children and those with diabetics.

2. Electric Hot Water Bottle


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Electric water bottles puts a spin on the old time classic hot water bottles. They are great for cold winter nights, taking on average only fifteen minutes to charge up, staying warm for up to six hours with no hot water maintenance needed. They are closely related to the microwavable hot water bottles, which require similar ‘charging up’ via an electric appliance. Modern electric water bottles should be permanently sealed so no risk of scalding and be extremely safe and soft to touch, as well as reusable for repeated use.


3. Electric Heaters


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Electric heaters utilise the process of eletrical energy being converted into heat. The heating element inside every electric heater is simply an electrical resistor, where an electric current through the resistor converts electrical energy into heat energy. Modern electric heaters come with many different heat levels for you to adjust to the most perfect temperature for you. When shopping for one, also look out for the energy efficient rating.    

4. Electric Slippers

Electric slippers are great for those who suffer from chronic pain in their feet or arthritis in colder months. Some come water-resistant with a built-in thermostat that automatically regulates the temperature. They also massage your feet nicely. There are also other battery heated clothing options available on the internet, ranging from gloves, insoles, jackets and vests.


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Author: Smart Homes for Living

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