Interior Design Inspirational Ideas

Interior Design Inspirational Ideas

Are you interior designing your new home at the moment and need some inspirational ideas?

Take a look at some great interior design shots from the Smart Homes for Living range below:


When designing the open plan, think paintings, photographs, hanging pendants and decorative sculptures on the dining table.


The living area (family room) should have a brightly patterned rug to draw attention to the space. Don’t forget the funky lamps!


The theatre room should be intimate and cosy. Splash out on pillows and a rug to make it so.


Add a touch of elegance to the ensuite with flowers to brighten up the space. Decorative soap dispensers are a great idea too.


The activity room should be fun, consider some indoor green plants here, bean bags, photographs and a comfy couch.


Another idea for the living room is to put long mirrors on the wall. It makes the space appear much larger.



Adorn the walls with statement pieces which are great focal points for the space. Also consider experimenting with different materials for furniture.


Explore fun kitchen decor and accessories with cute decorative sculptures and ornaments; try and get some that are multi-purposeful and can also store things.


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