Interior Design Inspiration Direct from Mumbai

Interior Design Inspiration Direct from Mumbai

Are you looking to refurnish your home and develop a unique sense of style, different to everyone else? Do you feel your house is lacking in colour and want to refresh your environment?

Look below to find inspiration from a variety of traditional Indian methods, including rich textiles and handmade furniture with flavour straight from Mumbai.



Not all Indian textiles are bright or full of bling. This bedroom is subtle, airy, modern and definitely still inspired by India. Perfect for spring. Via Houzz: Tilton Fenwick


Furniture from India is often intricately carved and made from exotic woods. It is rustic in appearance. Via HGTV


Indian decor is often rich in colour, pattern and texture. Think had-stitched beading and gold threads for a perfect bedroom slumber. Via HGTV


Have complimentary colours in a space. Here, the ensuite is filled with warmth. Distinct India style is seen in the handmade mirror frames. Via Houzz: Chambers Interiors

Via Houzz: Crystal Waye Photo Design

Carved wooden panels from India compliment the rich golds, browns and burnt oranges in this bedroom. Via Houzz: Crystal Waye Photo Design


Design in India is all about celebrating loud colours and combining lots of patterns. Via Houzz: Carson Poetzl


Animal motifs are commonly seen in Indian home decor because animals play an important role in Hindu religion. Think elephants and tigers are often seen in embroided in cusions or paintings. Via HGTV


It is important to remember that colour is of the essence when using inspiration from Mumbai.


Hat Tip: HGTV

Featured Image: Dress Your Home


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