How To Show Off Your Living Room

When it comes to furnishing and decorating your living area, it can be difficult deciding what style you like, in addition to choosing the best colours and textures that compliment one another.

We’ll inspire you with a variety of interior design techniques that make each of these living areas unique, as well as some factors that you can work with to Show Off Your Living Room.

A statement rug will never disappoint. A large, shaggy rug that ties all of your furniture together will take a living area from okay to outstanding in minutes. Another great idea is to incorporate the same or similar colours in various items of furniture.

In this instance, tying the cushions, wall hanging photograph and coffee table decorations makes this living area pop. A couch that is the opposite colour of the rug adds a fantastic contrast.

Conquest living area

Another fantastic statement rug, as seen in The Conquest by Smart Homes for Living

Another great idea for your living area is to choose a theme. A film related vibe for example adds character to the area and makes it all the better for watching your favourite movie in. If you want to add further style to this room, choose a colour to incorporate in various elements, such as the photograph, television cabinet, plant and cushions in the image above.

Another great suggestion on how to show off your living room, is to choose a prominent colour. In this instance, blue has been used to add a pop of colour and the remaining colours are understated, allowing the focus to stay on the brightest aspects of the area. This can be incorporated through use of couches, cushions, ornaments and even paint colour or wallpaper. Your options are only limited by your imagination.

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