Dark Bathroom Design Inspiration

Dark Bathroom Design Inspiration

White bathrooms and ensuites are a common look in modern homes, as white makes the bathroom space look more clean, polished and elegant. While darker toned bathrooms aren’t quite as common colour scheme, they surprisingly can look twice as good, especially when you know how to balance out the darker hues.

Designing a bathroom in dark tones transforms the space into a more voluminous and warmer place. In addition, darker shades hide dirt and scratches easier. When including darker hues into your bathroom space, it’s a good idea to compliment it with softer shades of grey, brown, beige or white.

Still not convinced? See examples of darker schemed bathrooms and ensuites by Smart Homes for Living below, and see how great darker toned bathrooms can look.


An ensuite with industrial influence – exposed light bulbs, trendy wallpaper and a black shower. The Gallardo Display Home by Smart Homes for Living.


This bathroom incorporates beige, white and brown for an earthy appearance. The Fusion Display Home by Smart Homes for Living.


Want a statement ensuite that really impresses? Go black – it’s luxurious and elegant. The Aristocrat Display Home by Smart Homes for Living.


Brown doesn’t have to be boring – This bathroom showcases a brown scheme, complimented by white. The Expert Display Home by Smart Homes for Living.


You can still go dark without being too dramatic. Dark grey is a softer alternative to black. The Conquest Display Home by Smart Homes for Living

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