Christmas Survival Kit

Christmas Survival Kit.

Do you need a Christmas Survival Kit to help you stay focused and less-stressed during the silly season?


This kitty needs a Christmas Survival Kit in order to calm down. Image via Flickr

Christmas can be hectic for some. Survive the silly season with a Christmas Survive Kit.

What’s in this Christmas kit you may ask, well whatever you need there to be to help you stay focused, on track and most importantly – happy and less stressed.

HereĀ are some of our suggestions:

  • Pocket date book – to track all your “must do’s”.
  • Bath Salts – to help you relax after you do all your “must do’s”.
  • Chamomile tea – to calm, relax and soothe away the tension.
  • Peppermint tea- to settle your tummy from the overindulgence.
  • Panadol – to take away the headache of aforementioned overindulging in festive beverages.
  • Relaxing music – soothing quiet music.
  • Sticky Tape – because it always seem to so run out or go missing in the middle of wrapping.
  • Calorie Counter Book – to help remind you of all those calories to avoid.

But of course – you tailor this Christmas Kit to suit you.

What are some more vital things needed to add to this Christmas Survival Kit? Write them on your notepad and start collecting it all together into one box before the week leading up to Christmas. Keep this box in clear view whenever at home to remind you that you help is right there.

If you are still feeling really down during this time and a survival kit won’t help, reach out to a close friend to let them know how you feel.

You’ll be surprised to know that during Christmas time, millions around the world feel the same way you may do, and you’ll feel alot better getting your woes off your chest. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself during Christmas – go out there and have fun.


Featured Image via Flickr

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