Chalkboard Designs: Home Decor Trend

Jump on board this home decor trend that’s not going away anytime soon, because it’s so practical!

Chalkboards have become trendy in today’s interior design, thanks to the rise of industrial, minimalist and contemporary home designs.

To get some ideas on how to add chalkboards into your home, see these designs below for inspiration.


Perfect for the entry of the home – a small chalkboard with compartments for letters, phone bills and car keys


Do you have massive wall space in the living area? Consider a giant chalkboard to keep everyone organised


The kitchen is one of the greatest spots in the home for a chalkboard – helping you keep track of groceries you need as well as recipes that inspire you


Do you have kids? Consider adding a chalkboard in the activity room, or invest in a chalkboard art easel.


Behind the walk-in linen cupboard door in the laundry is another nice spot for chalkboards.


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Author: smithma

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