5 Ways To Use Pinterest To Furnish Your Home

Gone are the days of collecting magazines and making shopping lists to try and work out what you need to buy to furnish your home. Today we can jump onto Pinterest and design our homes in hours!

Pinterest has become many peoples go-to place for inspiration and aspiration. But did you know it can help you furnish your new home too? Here’s how:

1. Pin everything, then decide

Sometimes what you think you want and what you actually want in a weeks time can be two completely different things. For example you might want a black leather sofa to match the rug that you really want. While you’re looking through all the sites you see a fabulous blue fabric sofa that you just love. Pin it. In a week you might look back at all your pins and decide that the blue sofa is just what you need and the rug can move to another room. Better to decide it now than regret it later.

2. Have a board for everything

When you’re putting together the decor for an entire room you need a board for everything. This way you can build the whole room through Pinterest and make sure it works together before you fork out the cash. If you’re designing your lounge room you might want to look at boards for couches, coffee tables, rugs, cushions, entertainment cabinets, lamps ect.

3. Pin from sites, not from Pinterest

Don’t get me wrong it is easy to lose yourself in the amazing pins on Pinterest, but there is nothing more devastating than having your heart set on that antique lamp that’s only available from one shop in the USA. Source your pins by browsing your local furniture stores or online stores where you know you can get items delivered to you. This way you know the room you build can actually make it to fruition.

4. Give yourself a time frame

Sometimes we can get lost in all the options and prolong actually committing to purchasing one of the items we have been looking so hard for. The worst part is that if you wait too long it might not be available anymore, especially if it was a sale item. Stock changes so make sure you set yourself a time frame of a few weeks to make your choices so you don’t miss out on what you really want.

5. Keep it a secret

If you’re a Pinterest user who already has a lot of followers you might want to set your inspiration boards to private. ┬áThere is a limit to private boards though so these are best used when you’re pinning items that you don’t want someone to re-pin and buy from under you. Things like antiques or one of a kind items are perfect on this sort of board to try and minimise the chance of someone else buying the item while you’re still deciding.

Author: Smart Homes for Living

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