5 Ways to Maximize Existing Natural Light in your Home

If you are looking to enhance the already existing natural lighting that enters your home, then you’ve come to the right blog. We show you 5 easy ways for you to maximize your natural light to not only brighten and open up your home, but to also give the illusion of more space too. And it’s all cost effective too. Check it out:

1. Add Mirrors


By placing a mirror on the wall adjacent to a window or opposite a window will not only reflect light and views from the window, but it will make it seem like you have more windows on the wall.

2. Integrate Reflective Surfaces


Reflective surfaces like a back-painted glass back-splash will bounce light around and give the impression of more light when windows may be limited.

3. Use Translucent Shades & Material


Avoid heavy, light-blocking window materials and treatments at the windows, and instead opt for translucent shades that provide privacy but still allow light into the space. It will give a soft glow, ensuring light still bounces around.

4. Paint the Ceilings Lighter than the Walls

rest of images are apartmenttherapy.com

 Always paint your ceilings lighter than the walls, so to give the feeling of more vertical space for the light to bounce around in. Using white matte paint is a good choice for reflecting light, (not gloss or semi-gloss).

5. Clean and Keep Organised

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Keeping regular maintenance of your space will help make light shine its brightest. Fix lighting bulbs and windows clean will enhance its effectiveness faster!


 All Image sources: Apartment Therapy

Feature Image Source: Apartment Therapy

Header Image Source: Ma Decoration Interieure

Author: Smart Homes for Living

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