4 Ways Smart Homes Keep Getting Smarter

As the technological revolution progresses faster, we are faced with a new challenge – adapting to the gradual introduction to smart home apps and smart home systems.

Today’s home is no longer just ‘smart’… it’s positively genius. Take a look at 4 ways smart homes keep getting smarter:

1. Controlled Convenience 

Smart Home technology is about control and convenience. Forget standing in the aisle at the shops wondering what products you need to pick up and worried you’ll buy an item you already have. Send a text message to your smart refrigerator, which will then send back a photo of its contents to your phone so you know exactly what you need to get. Also, no more spending your holiday worrying whether you left the stove on, or the front door unlocked. Get an app that virtually turns your Smart phone into a remote control.

2. Comfort

Smart home features make life more comfortable. Imagine heading home after a hard days work, looking forward to relaxing. At appropriate times, your smart home system (pre-programmed by you) will turn on the oven, your home’s heating, as well as the lights upon when your entrance into the dining room.

3. Security

Smart home systems offer a number of smart features to make your home more secure. No need to carry a house key or make duplicates for pet sitters; rather you can make an electronic key for whoever you wish and disable it when necessary. Even more high tech, special senors can not only detect motion; but they can also monitor the opening and closing of doors, windows and even drawers. These senors may also be able to identify moisture, carbon monoxide, high temperatures and perhaps even smoke inside your home. Of course, old fashioned burglar alarms and fire alarms are vital to have in emergencies, however smart apps simply increase security even higher. They can also be used to help remind people when to take their medication.

4. Ecology

Having a smart home reduces your carbon footprint. You can program it to run heat or air conditioning only when you need it, and then switching ot off during hours you are asleep or away from home. The system can automatically track your energy consumption and report unusual high levels of usage or areas of wastage. Save water too with devices like smart toilets and water-efficient showers that turn off when running on a time limit.


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