10 Smart Home Features Buyers Actually Want

10 Smart Home Features Buyers Actually Want

Most home buyers now are starting to think of a smart home as a smart move. Once ago, smart home features were just considered an added-on benefit, but now, more buyers than ever are demanding them and agents and builders alike are taking notice.

Nowadays, its expected to have at least a few app-savvy appliances in the home, with a prediction by industry leaders that smart home features will come standard to homes within the next five to seven years.

For many homeowners, some buyers say they want “smart features” but its hard to tell which ones are really worth it.

According to Coldwell Banker, smart home features should be broken down into three different buckets – practical and functional; for lifestyle and entertainment, or for safety and security.

In no particular order, see below what are some major smart home features buyers are looking for in the smart home market today.


1. LG Studio Collection


South Korean tech company LG Electronics has a premium collection of smart kitchen appliances that could make a house more functional (and therefore more appealing) for buyers. The full stainless-steel line includes refrigerators, cooktops, ranges and ovens, dishwashers and microwaves, several of which come with the Energy Star seal of approval. Smart features include LED touchscreen displays, microwave sensor cooking and gourmet recipe banks in two of the ovens.

2. Nest Learning Thermostat


The Nest Learning Thermostat is one of the most popular smart home technology devices sold on the market today. Tech site CNET also listed it among the best smart home features of the year. The system, created by the California-based company Nest, can be controlled by a smartphone and programmed to learn a homeowner’s daily routine and adjust the home’s temperature accordingly. It also has sensors that keep track of whether a home is empty, and it can use less energy while no one is there. You could save some serious cash with this smart device, as it will help in lowering the owner’s heating and cooling bills. 

3. Lutron Caseta Wireless


The Caséta Wireless system, by Pennsylvania-based Lutron Electronics, is an automated way to control not only a home’s lighting but also the position of its shades and temperature. It works via an app that can be used on a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch.

4. Sengled Pulse Smart Bulb


The Pulse Smart Bulb, by the Chinese company Sengled, is part entertainment device and part functional lighting system. Each lightbulb contains a hidden speaker that plays music wirelessly. The bulbs can be screwed directly into existing light sockets and controlled via an app that works on personal smart devices.

5. LG Mega-Capacity French-Door Refrigerator 


LG makes its second appearance on this list with the stainless steel Mega-Capacity French-Door Refrigerator. It’s called “mega-capacity” because the appliance is the largest French-door refrigerator available, according to the company, at 33 cubic feet. Considering its size and features designed to give food a longer life, like a smart cooling system that can sense humidity levels, this fridge would probably be best suited for a larger family home.

6. iSmart Alarms


This alarm system, created by Silicon Valley startup iSmart Alarms, allows homeowners to keep an eye on their property from anywhere — without paying the monthly fees that are often attached to traditional security systems.

The iSmart Alarm system comes with window sensors, door sensors, motion detectors and cameras that are all connected wirelessly. Users can control the system via an app that also has the option to monitor and control a home’s lighting, thermostat and smoke detectors.

7. First Alert OneLink


OneLink was created by the Illinois-based security company First Alert. The entire suite of products — including Wi-Fi smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, a smartwatch, smart tracker for personal items like keys, a Wi-Fi safe and a Wi-Fi programmable thermostat — are all compatible with Apple’s HomeKit system and can be controlled via iPhone.

8. Iris Smart Kit


Give your home a smart upgrade in security with the Iris Safe and Secure Kit. According to CNET, the home management system is a descendant of the U.K.-based AlertMe where users can control the kit’s contact and motion sensors from a smartphone, tablet or computer, and are notified if anything out of the ordinary happens. It also comes with a keypad and wireless hub. 

9. Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock


The Kevo Smart Lock, created by the California-based lock company Kwikset, has a key-less system where the users smartphone acts as a sort of key fob. All they have to do is tap the lock with the phone, making it more convenient in not needing a physical key that might get lost or stolen.

10. Vizio 60-inch P-Series Smart TV


Having a smart TV is essential now.  This 60-inch smart TV, by the California-based electrics company Vizio, allows users to stream video content from services like Netflix, cable and satellite providers, Blu-ray players and smartphones.




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