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Reviews ~ Just Dropped

When it comes to your smarts, we’re all ears! Drop us a product review and you could win $50*!

“No news is good news” is such old news. Still with us? Okay, great! Basically, we love news and we’re not talking about that time with the election and the blahh blahh, we’re talking about product reviews from YOU – a.k.a. news we actually care about! You’re the smartest partners we have in this biz and every time you send us a product review hundreds of balloons get released from our office ceiling. Okay, not really, but you could win $50* Coles Myer voucher just for leaving us a product review! Here are some prompts to get you started: how did you find the process with Smart? Who did you work with and why are they awesome? How does it feel to be in your new home? In what ways are we the best builders in the entire known universe? Okay, that should cover most things, feel free to take it from here…

*Correct as of 01/06/2019.