V-I-Private Display Tours


Private display home tours

Private display home tours aren’t just for Queen Bey (although she is always invited).

  • They’re essential if you’re social distancing
  • Freeing when our normal display hours don’t #werkit
  • And gosh darn fun whichever way you spin them!

So we’re bringing them to the people. It’s just one of the ways you’ll see our ‘treating everyone like the queeeeeen they are’ smarts in action.

Join our smarties on a no-contact, crowd-free, wander through the display(s) of your choosing.

The metaphorical red carpet to be rolled out. The imaginary champers popped. And all the hidden and not so hidden details that make our display homes so smart pointed out.

It is totes VIP and obligation free. Simply tell us the names of the homes you want to visit plus a time that suits and we will arrange the rest.

Keen to feel like a Queeen? Keep scrollin’.

Displays open by appointment

Perth North

Perth South

Perth East

More VIP activities for you, online consults!

You’ve got the building Q’s. We’ve got the building A’s. Let’s share.

Finance consult

Thinking of building your own place but not sure if you can afford it? With our virtual appointments you can chat to one of finance smarties and get the 411 on all things home loans/ qualifying while you’re still on the clock. Now that’s what we call finance smarts #WFH

Land consult

You can't exactly location scout virtually but, you can still find your dream piece of land! Our location smarties are available for virtual consults to chat you through all things Perth land. Your lifestyle, your budget, our smart exclusives!

Design consult

"I'm getting total deja-vu." - Said every person looking at floorplans, ever. Let us help you sift through the minefield that can be designing your own home. We'll use our Design Smarts to help find a floorplan that’s right for you.

Don’t let Covid slow you down

Continue your new home journey whenever, and in whichever way, you like with our NEW complimentary no-contact tours and consults.

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