New Home Build FAQs: Answered By Your Favourite Home Builder Smarties

OMG it’s the new home build FAQs

Here’s a few As to some Qs you may have about your new home build. If your question’s not here, give us a call or just ask us below.

House and land FAQ

Here’s a few As to some Qs you may have about house and land packages. 

Let's start at the beginning, what's a house and land package?

Basically they’re a packaged deal, kinda like Oprah and Gail … or, Sunday roast and crackling. House and land packages feature a block of land from the developer and a new home from the builder. The two components are then bundled together into one all-inclusive ‘package’. This means that you get all the deets on the full cost of your build from the start. We call this transparency smarts. Or, x-ray vision smarts.

What's included in the cost of a house & land package?

Our advertised house + land packages include the cost of the land (as provided by the developer) and the cost of the home design (provided by yours truly). This means that your home will come with lots of not-so-standard stuff as standard, like:

  • Choice of six rendered front elevations
  • Full internal wall paint throughout
  • WA-made cabinetry
  • Deluxe 900mm stainless steel kitchen appliances
  • Choice of matt black or chrome fixtures
  • 6* NatHERS energy rated design

We’ve also factored a reasonable amount in for siteworks; however, this amount is variable and subject to change.

How does buying a house & land package work?

It may feel like you need house and land PhD smarts to de-code the buying process, but it’s actually pretty simple. Basically, a builder and a developer come together to market their two offerings (house and land) as a single bundle-buy (house plus land).

These ‘bundles’ are often more attractive to buyers as it takes the guesswork *cough, stress work* out of building a new home. Sure, they may be marketed as a bundle-buy, but house and land packages involve two contracts at the time of signing. Only a builder has the right to sell you the home and only the developer has the right to sell you the land. H&L PhD complete. Simple.

Are house and land packages cheaper? Fill me in on the savings

Yep, you’re onto it. The savings smarts are hard to ignore with H&L packages. It all starts with buyers (aka, you) knowing the full cost of their home from the start. You also get the best possible price for the house AND the land, without the hassle of negotiations. Oh, and stamp duty only has to be paid on the value of the vacant land. It’s a pretty sweet set up!

What’s the deal with negotiating on house and land packages?

Well, the deal is … there isn’t one. Unfortunately house and land packages can’t be negotiated as they’re fixed cost bundle-buys. Wait, don’t cry. Each component (the house and the land) has already been negotiated down to its BEST price by the parties involved (the builder and the land developer). This means that it’s already presented to you in the most attractive price package possible. What can we say, everything we do is for you, boo.

Do I have to pay stamp duty on house & land in WA?

Yes, but only on the land. Better yet, you only have to pay stamp duty on land valued over $300,000. So, if your block is valued under that amount – which is very possible when purchasing from WA’s new estates – no duty is payable. Score.

Are house and land packages eligible for the $10k FHOG?

All our house and land packages under $750,000 are eligible for the FHOG. So, if you purchase one of these – and meet the seven criteria req to receive the $10,000 First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) – the money (and stamp duty savings) are yours, all yours.

Can you create a custom house & land package juuust for me?

Sure can! They don’t call us house and land smarties for nothin’. Let us in on your hopes, dreams, lust-haves, must-haves, and budget*. From there, we’ll get to work finding land options and designs to suit. And, when you’re 100% happy, our new homes consultants will work with the land developer to secure your block at the bestest possible price. Get in touch to start the process today.

*If you’re not sure of the budget, our in-house finance smarties, Loan Co, can help you out obligation-free.

Display home FAQ

Here’s a few As to some Qs you may have about display homes. 

Can I view a display home outside of its opening hours?

You sure can! All of our displays are available to tour via private appointment. If you:

  • Want to have a looksie around one of our picture-perfect floorplans but are social distancing
  • Want to have the place to yourself ‘coz you’re fancy like that
  • Or, simply aren’t free during our normal hrs

Visit our Private Display Home Tours page and book an appointment.

Can I build a display home?

In one word? Yes-ish. Our ‘Grand’ floorplans are almost identical to the displays you walk through on the ground. They feature all the blingy goodies that attracted you to the home in the first place, like the elevation as displayed, stone benchtops, mirrored robes, high ceilings, freestanding baths, and resort ensuites. Grand spec homes can be checked out via our Display Homes page online now.

How can I get the display home look for less?

When designing display homes, we often create base models. These follow the same legendary floorplan with a slightly less OOT spec. Sooo you can get the flow and feel you fell in love with at that fateful display home visit, within a not-so-exxy budget.

You’ll be able to easily find these as they have the same name as the corresponding display, without the ‘grand reference’ For example, The Grand Bianca display’s base model is The Bianca. And The Grand Atrium’s brother from another mother is The Atrium.

These are some of our best-selling plans so you’re after the display home look for less you’re among smart company.

What’s the difference between your normal spec and display spec?

Dollars and cents baby! All of our homes come with these not-so-standards as standard:

  • Choice of 6 rendered front elevations
  • Full internal wall paint throughout
  • WA-made cabinetry
  • Deluxe 900mm stainless steel kitchen appliances
  • Choice of matt black or chrome fixtures

While our display-worthy spec, aka The Grand Spec, bring a host of opulent upgrades to the party:

  • Silestone benchtops
  • High ceilings as displayed
  • Undermount basins and sinks
  • Mirrored robes where applicable
  • Elevation as displayed

When are your displays open?

Unless advertised otherwise, all our 10+ display are open:

  • Wed 2pm – 5pm
  • Sat 12pm – 5pm
  • Sun 12pm – 5pm

If these times don’t suit, you can sit back, chillax, and start exploring our newest displays in 360 ° glory via our Virtual Display Home Tours page and Display Flythroughs page.

Home design FAQ

Here’s a few As to some Qs you may have about home designs. 

Are your homes turnkey?

We’ve got a range of different add-ons available. That means the choice is yours – you get the flexibility to choose the level of finishing for your new home. Some of our clients choose to go with add-ons that make their home completely turnkey, while others prefer to roll up their sleeves and get their handyperson (or own muscles) in to finish off the final flourishes.

Where do you build?

We build right across the Perth, from the inner suburbs out to the popular estates and beyond. See we go where many builders won’t, including Two Rocks, Gingin and Bindoon to the north, Toodyay, Northam and York to the east, and Pinjarra, Waroona, and Preston Beach to the south. When you think WA land, think Smart.

How do I know what home design is best for me?

Our new homes consultants have got all the smarts to help you select the best design. They will take into account your budget, must-haves (think: number of bedrooms, rear/front living, open-plan design), lust-haves (like theatre, study, soaking tub, third garage), and recommend the perfect home design for you. And if one doesn’t exist, they’ll customise one to suit! Pretty smart, huh?

I see something I like, can I make changes to the home design?

Want to close the theatre off or add a door into one of the designs? It doesn’t cost much to modify our designs. When you add extra stuff in, you only pay for the materials and labour required to install them. Check out our online iDesign program. This is where you can customise your new home anywhere, any time. Even now. Annnnndddd GO.

Ohhh, can I add a speccy promo to the home design too?

Y-E-S! We run promotions throughout the year and they’re all online for you to check out. For the latest and greatest, visit our promos page. Your new homes consultant will also have the inside scoop so you can always ask them directly too.

Can your home designs be turned into house & land packages?

They certainly can! We can help match your dream design to a lot of land in your desired area. And, we’ll also put our smarts to work negotiating with the developer to secure you the best possible price. It’s all in a day’s work for our smarties. Get in touch to discuss a custom package, or try some we prepped earlier on for size by checking out our Perth House & Land packages.

Are there any other costs should I factor in?

Every build reqs a lil’ extra budget put aside for siteworks.

Siteworks take into account things like the soil classification (yep, it’s a thing!), extra requirements (due to bushfire prone zones or coastal conditions), and nearby aeroplane or vehicle noise requirements. These costs are hard to predict as they can change from suburb to suburb, sometimes even street to street! Like our boss’s mood on any given day…

6☆ energy homes

Here’s a few As to some Qs you may have about energy efficient homes. 

What a good energy efficiency rating?

Homes can come in an array of energy ratings, from 4 stars to 7 stars. A 6-star energy rating is mandatory in WA and, as NatHERS is the only system approved in WA to assess a home’s energy rating, a NatHERS 6 star rating the number to meet or beat! If you achieve the almighty six stars, which you will if you build with Smart, you’ll end up with a home that’s naturally cooler in summer and warmer in winter – and use up to 24% less energy*. Smart, huh.

*As projected by the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia in their publication ‘Your 6-star Guide to building an energy-efficient home’ (2011), in comparison to a 4 or 5 star home. This publication is presently referred to by the Building Commission (WA) and Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (WA). Also, see Images for illustrative purposes only. Builder’s Registration No. 6415.

So, NatHERS…What does that stand for again?

NatHERS stands for the ‘Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme’. Try saying that quickly ten times! At its heart, its a star system that rates the energy efficiency of a home, based on its design. The system makes sure that homes meet the mandatory energy efficiency requirements as outlined in the National Construction Code.

Srry, it’s all getting a bit techie now; buttttt when a home meets NatHERS 6* rating, you can be sure it’s been comprehensively reviewed by an accredited assessor using accredited NatHERS software, and optimised by the builder to deliver all the efficiency goods. Goods like: less energy usage, a reduced carbon footprint, and better resale value.

What are the key features of an energy-efficient house?

An energy-efficient home is a NatHERS 6-star home! Here are some of the features considered when building one:

  • Climate
    In Perth there are four climate zones (Caversham, Gidgegannup, Alkimos, and Baldivis) each with their own energy loads and considerations.
  • Construction systems
    Roof choice, ceiling insulation, flooring type, glazing thickness, construction method (ie. brick) all affect a home’s internal environment.
  • Orientation
    Orientation is the single biggest impact on a home’s energy rating. A north orientation is best, as it will allow the greatest amount of natural light and heat to enter home during the winter, and preventing direct sunlight entering during summer.

What are the benefits of energy efficiency?

There’s a lot to fuss about a NatHERS 6 star energy-efficient home. It’s all about sustainability – for your budget, our state, and our beautiful planet. Let’s check out the 6-star smarts:

  • Your 6-star home uses 24% less energy compared to a 4-5-star home*
  • Reduces artificial cooling and heating
  • Results in a higher level of energy efficiency
  • Provides less impact on the environment by reducing the carbon footprint
  • Generates a better resale value in the future

*As projected by the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia in their publication ‘Your 6-star Guide to building an energy-efficient home’ (2011), in comparison to a 4 or 5 star home. This publication is presently referred to by the Building Commission (WA) and Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (WA). Also, see Images for illustrative purposes only. Builder’s Registration No. 6415.

Before the build

What are the main building stages?

STAGE 1 – Slab prep
First things first, you’ll get to know your Client Liaison Officer. This is just a fancy way of saying a person who’ll keep you in the loop throughout the build. We then put together a schedule of work and materials needed, checking and calibrating your property boundaries. Then the earthworks begin to prepare your house and sand pad. We then add the pre-lays, concrete footings, and get your slab down. Let the countdown begin!

STAGE 2 – Brick work
Now that the slab’s down, things start to take shape. The bricks are delivered, and the bricklayer constructs the walls of your home. Once the brickwork is completed, we prep for the roof. During this stage, we’ll also contact you to book in a time to meet your Site Supervisor.

STAGE 3 – Roof over your head
Roofing materials are delivered, the frame is constructed, and then services (electrical, water, and gas) are installed to your walls and roof frame.

STAGE 4 – Lock it up
Windows, sliding doors, and external doors are installed. Gutters and roof covers go on.
Basically this is the stage when your house becomes lockable (aka no holes). A pretty high priority for most homeowners. We also complete wall render, install the ceiling, and complete the internal walls.

STAGE 5 – Interiors
We leave the cushion colour scheme to you but there are a few things needed before you can bring your Pinterest ‘dream home’ board to life. We install all internal doors, shelving, mouldings, kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, garage concrete floor, paving, shower screens, mirrors, tiling, and sliding robe doors. Pheww … then we break for a quick cuppa.

In this stage you’ll also have a lock-up meeting.

This is the stage where your dreams of hot showers in your shiny new bathroom begin to manifest. It’s *almost* time to say goodbye to all those cold, spluttery showers in your rental!

STAGE 6 – Let there be light
Time for some necessities like light and power. In this stage we install all electrical items, including light and power points, so that your appliances can do their thang. Tapware, your hot plate, and your hot water unit go in. Then we add the garage door, carpet, window treatments, and paint your home.

STAGE 7 – It’s yours
It’s been approximately 25 weeks (mother nature permitting) from the day your slab went down. And today’s the day you complete an inspection (PCI1) – bit of a flip from all the rent inspections you’ve had to suffer through! We complete and then sign off on the practical completion list of items (PCI2) and then the keys are handed over! Welcome home.

STAGE 8 – Maintenance
After six months we complete a home maintenance service. Pft, if only my lashes could last that long between maintenance!

Do you offer fixed site costs?

Yes. And it includes the following:

  • Removal of light vegetation
  • Service connection from existing points (power, sewer, water, gas, and phone)
  • 3-point NBN package
  • All engineering fees (incl. retaining wall, wind loading, and stormwater)
  • All shire fees, deposits, and bonds
  • Cut off drain to driveway (where req)
  • Boundary fence removal and re-installment
  • H2 treated timber for protection of European house borer
  • Concrete pumps as required
  • Kerb and footpath repairs (if damaged during construction)

Am I eligible for fixed site costs?

Fixed site costs are only available in specific areas. Please get in touch and we can let you know if your build is eligible.

When do I choose my colours and finishes?

Once you sign your building contract, your Prestart Consultant will contact you to arrange a formal prestart meeting. In this meeting you’ll select everything from floor covering to kitchen tapware.

Need colour inspo stat? You can visit The Smart Gallery from Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm to get a head start on your colour selections, or visit this awesome blog our design smarties put together.



Pre construction

What happens after I’ve signed my contracts?

Firstly – CONGRATULATIONS! Signing your contract is a big deal. Next up? Our Sales Admin team will double check your plans and specifications, order your contour site survey, and order the engineers’ site inspection report for your land (if titled). Once these are received, your paperwork will hit Contracts Admin. Here, the team will prep the plans and documentation needed for building, shire, finance approvals, and NatHERs 6* Energy Rating. Once these are all done and dusted, we’ll get in touch to arrange Prestart. Aka the Excitement Smarts Meeting.

What’s involved in the approvals process?

Umm, a lot. Just sit back and relax, we’ve got this one sorted for you! Our dedicated Shire smarties will submit the building permit application on your behalf. And handle all of the prep too, like water approval, shire approval, developer approval, engineers approval, certificate of design compliance, crossover approval, and verge permit. Phew! Resubmission of the building permit may be required due to Prestart changes.

How long does it take for my building permit to be approved?

Pre-grants? 10 business days once lodged. However, due to the sheer volume of applications the Gov is receiving atm, it’s hard to give a concrete timeline.

What’s a Prestart meeting?

Only the best meeting, EVER. There’s a good reason we re-named it the Excitement Smarts Meeting. Prestart’s where you get to finalise all of your new home selections! These meetings are held at our 1000m2 showroom, BGC Home, Monday to Friday, and take around 3 hours to complete. Tour around each zone, with the guidance of a trained Prestart specialist, and create your dream space with a HUGE selection of colours and finishes.

When will I have my Prestart meeting?

Prestart occurs near the end of the Admin journey and once all the necessary approvals (building, engineers, water, shire, developer, engineers etc.) have been received, the settlement’s been sorted, and finance is formally approved. When you reach this stage, a contracts administrator will be in contact to book your Prestart in. The meetings are held Monday to Friday at either 9 am or 9.30 am and take around 3 hours.

What should I do before my Prestart meeting?

Prep, prep, then more prep. When it comes to enjoying your Prestart experience (and making 100’s of decisions you’ll possibly live with for life) preparation is errrrrerything.

In prep for this important meet, head to the Smart Portal and complete your online selections, mark up your electrical plan with any changes you want, stop by our state-of-the-art showroom BGC Home, and be sure to visit our supplier showrooms to select flooring and tiles.

Sure, we’ll have samples of the selections which you can look at during the meeting. But it’s easier and more efficient for everyone if you’ve thought about the details of your home beforehand. And, although your Prestart consultant is an expert and can give advice, they can’t make these decisions for you. It’s your home and it’s all you, baby!

What will we cover in my Prestart meeting?

All the exciting selections for your new home, including exteriors (roofing, downpipes, gutters), interiors (hardware, fixtures, fittings), kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, wall paint, floor materials, feature tiling. Plus, electrical, technology, and in-house entertainment options.

Can I make structural changes at Prestart?

No, sorry! Making structural changes at Prestart would mean all the steps your home has already gone through – think: working drawings, contracts, energy certification, structural Engineers certification, certificate of design compliance, bushfire assessment, developer’s approval, local council approvals (planning and building permits) – would have to be repeated. Which would blow out your new home’s timeline and cost.

Can I make changes to my electrical plan?

You can customise your electrical plan during your Prestart meeting. We recommend mapping out your ideal locations for power points and light switches prior. To do this, mark up your draft electrical plan, marking any new items you wish to add or relocations of current items. Common electrical additions to consider include dimmers, switches on either side of the master bed, points for the microwave, dishwasher, toaster/kettle, and Christmas tree.

How much should I budget for Prestart?

Your Prestart budget completely up to you, boo! The Smart Portal will be able to help you gauge what you would like to spend as it provides a lot of pricing for the upgraded options.

Your broker is a great person to chat with before Prestart – their finance smarts are second to none and they’ll be able to advise you on the Prestart costs that you’ll need to pay. Or, if it’s possible for them to be added to the loan. Please be mindful that it’s the owner’s (your) responsibility to ensure you have enough funds available to cover the Prestart changes requested on the day.

How can I find inspiration for my new home?

Pinterest, magazine mood board, Insta – spend time researching your home’s dream aesthetic. You’ll be tasked with choosing every little detail of your home (even the colours of your downpipes). So, if you find something you love, take a snap and have it on standby to show your consultant. You can also find heaps of inspiration over on our Instagram page, Pinterest page, and of course by visiting our displays.

What happens after my Prestart meeting?

After the meeting we’ll finalise your prestart selections and your electrical changes. We want to make sure everything on our system is singing to the same tune (the soundtrack to your dream home, of course). To ensure this happens, our drafting dept. will update the working drawings and your contracts administrator will finalise your addenda. We’ll also send everything off for developer colour approval (if applicable). Things are looking pretty smart!

Can I have an interior designer with me at Prestart?

Yes, you sure can!

When do I have to pay for Prestart upgrades?

Standard bank- Before your home moves into construction, we’ll require to see proof of funds before we continue (bank statement $ within three months).

Keystart- payment of upgrades is required within the week. We’ll also require Keystart approval before we can move forward.

Can I change my mind about my selections after Prestart?

We don’t recommend it but understand that s*^t happens. As long as the changes are minor, flagged early (prior to the final documents going out) and you’re ok with wearing the extra costs (incl variation fee), we should be able to work with you on making your changes a reality.

During the build

When do I meet my Site Supervisor?

You’ll get four meetings onsite with the Supervisor. The intro meeting happens just after the brickwork has started, a lock up meeting after the house is at lock up stage, another during your final inspection, and then at the final sign off.

Why has my slab been poured but not my garage slab?

You’re right, this can seem a little strange. But, the reason is all about layering (because if layering can affect your winter wardrobe, it can probs affect your build too).

We pour the garage slab (hardstand) towards the end of construction because it’s usually one course lower than the main slab. If we poured it at the same time, it would interfere with the brickwork and be subject to damage.

Why is there a gap where my concrete slab does not extend to the garage wall?

The garage wall is a single leaf of brickwork that extends below the slab to the footings rather than sitting on the slab. The gap is there to make sure the slab doesn’t interfere with the alignment of the wall. Never fear, we fill it later in the building process.

Should I expect to see people onsite every day?

During construction, it’s likely that there’ll be days where tradespeople are not onsite; however, it’s completely normal and won’t affect your construction timeline. It could be due to weather conditions, scheduling, or the current stage could be completed ahead of time.

What effect can the weather have on my build?

Just like your holiday plans, weather can be the force that throws everything off. Snorkeling in a thunderstorm, no thanks. Cocktails in …. actually cocktails transcend mother nature. But back to the build. Rainy days and hot days can make working conditions unsuitable or unsafe.

Rain can impact the delivery of materials, delay the slab pour, and delay bricks being laid. Rain also prevents roof carpenters and roof installers from working as wind and rain can cause dangerous working conditions. If only building sites were equipped with the same stamina as an Aperol Spritz in Maldives.

Can I walk onto my site during construction?

We don’t recommend it. We totally get how exciting it is to see progress being made but we’re always advocates of safety first. Having said that, you’ll have four scheduled site visits throughout the build, so you’ll never be out of the loop.

On the point of safety, we ensure that anyone onsite has undergone the necessary Australian training and can follow safety guidelines. Just showing off a few of our smarts for extra good measure.

Can I get a key before my home’s finished?

They do say the best things in life are worth waiting for, and the same goes for your new home. We don’t hand over the keys until everything is done, final checks are complete, and settlement payments are through. But we promise it’s be worth the wait.

Is it normal for my bricks to look discoloured?

Yep, this is completely normal but it’s not permanent, just like that time Britney Spears got married for 55 hours.

Now, to show off a few of our technical brick smarts (it’s definitely a thing): In the first 6-12 months, light coloured clay contains vanadium salts which can appear as a yellow or green discolouration on the bricks under certain conditions. It will generally wash off or disappear naturally over time.

Can I make structural changes during construction?

Once construction has started, you won’t be able to make any structural changes without incurring extra costs and extending the build timeline. This is because your plans must go through shire approval before construction.

How soon can I get contractors into my home to measure for things like floor coverings or window treatments?

As a general rule we don’t allow contractors on site until after handover. However, you can chat to your Client Liaison Officer to see if it’s possible to arrange for a contractor to measure up at the same time as your final inspection (PCI1). They won’t be able to do any work until the keys are handed over, but if you ask nicely, there’s a chance they’ll be able to measure up.

Can I get some work done to my home during construction?

You won’t be able to do other work while your home in under construction. This can affect construction timeframes, quality control, and warranty periods. But, in the meantime, you can make some serious progress on your interior inspo.

Pinterest boards don’t build themselves you know!

Also, our hashtag #fromsmarttofinish is the perfect way to lose hours of time while you’re chained to your desk. Who needs an 8-hour workday anyway?

Can I hire a building Inspector at my own cost?

Yes, you sure can. They’ll just need to work around our inspection schedules and have a current White Card. They’ll also need to fill in a form at our office before they go onsite – your Client Liaison Officer can help you get this sorted.

Will any damaged items be fixed prior to handover?

Definitely! Your Site Supervisor will complete any required work before your home is handed over. You’ll also get a chance to walk through your new home and point out anything that isn’t 110% perfection (which is the aim of our game).

Will my house be cleaned before I get my keys?

We do a builder’s clean before handing over the keys. This kinda sounds like we get a couple of builders to walk through your place with a trowel smeared with Jif and hope for the best. It actually means that we wipe down surfaces and clean the mirrors and windows before handing over.

After the build

I opted for the fencing or landscaping package when I purchased my block. When can I get started on these?

Your front landscaping and fencing is usually organised between you and the developer. Once you’ve received your keys, the fencing and landscaping packages can be installed. The construction process has a way of damaging your new lawn so we need to keep the two separated – you wouldn’t want unleaded going near your diesel masterpiece. It’s kinda the same thing.

What if something goes wrong with my home after handover?

We got you! Your home comes with a six-month service warranty period. So, if anything goes wrong during the first six months of owning the home, just let us know and if we’re at fault we’ll come out or contact the supplier and rectify the issue.

What warranties come with my home?

A new home warranty is (almost) as important as Lizzo after a breakup. That’s why all of our Smart homes come with the following warranties:


  • Six months maintenance period
  • Lifetime structural warranty (non-transferable)
  • Individual warranties for electrical appliances

What does a Lifetime Structural Warranty mean?

When you build with Smart Homes For Living, you receive a Lifetime Structural Warranty* on your new home. For the lifetime of your occupancy, we guarantee the structure of the works to give you peace of mind. For more details see clauses 23 and 24A of your contract.

Does my home meet Australian Building Standards?

OF COURSE. Sure, caps is a bit extra but that’s how we do things ‘round here. Because we would never describe your home as ‘standard’.

Yes, it meets all Australian Building Standards#onlythebest

Is your Q not here?
No problem.

Send what’s on your mind through to us and we’ll get back to you a to the sap.

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