Design Your Dream Home

Design your home online

When you decide to design a house online, you need to have a few things figured out before you begin. Actually, scratch that! You can go in completely blind and gather all the inspiration along the way. Here’s how our iDesign home customisation tool works, step by step:

Step one: Find a base plan

Find a base plan to work from so that your online design magic can begin. We’ve got a tonne ready on this very page so scroll back up and get pickin’.

Step two: Elevate that

With Smart, you get to choose between SIX elevation designs! We know how important first impressions are so this is the part where you get to choose an elevation that says “welcome home” while also saying “started from the bottom now we here” or something less arrogant, up to you.

Step three: Time to get kitsch

Kitchen layouts are just as important as the Master Chef apron secret box final – okay, we don’t watch MC but we do love a breakfast burrito and also know that a lot of family connection happens around meal time. This is the step where you can select the perfect layout for the heart of your home.

Step four: For the masters

Pretty much the most important room in the house, YOURS! Step five allows you to design the master of your dreams. Walk-in-robe? Sure. Parents’ sanctuary? You got it! How about a master that connects to a nursery? Just click it. This is your chance to design the master suite you’ve always wished for. Forget about all those years renting without wardrobe storage or a private ensuite; you can literally iDesign your new bedroom experience.

And….Download your customised home design

Once you’ve designed your own home online, it’s time to download! It will take us no longer than 24hrs to bring it all together and price it up, then it’s yours! We’ve done all the hard coding so whatever selections you made along the way are TOTALLY doable IRL. It’s pretty amazing what #allthesmarts can do! You asked for a way to design your own home online so we created iDesign.