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House and Land Packages Perth Hills


The hills are alive, with the sound of… house and land packages. Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves! All jokes (and 60’s movie references) aside, if the Perth hills had a soundtrack, it would share too many similarities with Julie Andrews’ lyrical wonder to ignore. Children are playing, birds chirping, neighbours chatting; giving it an old-world feel that’s decidedly new world.

Young’ uns are outside – tree climbing, fort building, bike riding. Yes, that childhood vision DOES still exist and it’s just a zippy drive east from the CBD! Speaking of kiddies, there are established private and public schools, a library (ok, a few), childcare centres, and a truckload of community events and workshops, to nurture you and your mini me’s. Living with the fam amongst this region is all about exploring the best bits every day, and then making it your home. Your Smart home.

Before we jump into the packages, a tip from the locals: visit Lilac Hill Park! Stroll along as the Swan River laps up on the banks, ducks float by, and historic buildings stand proud…it’s a tranquil reminder of how very special the Swan Valley is. Almost as special as the UFC playing at the local on a parmy Tuesday.

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We detoured for Lilac Hill Park, and you know what, we’ll detour again. For vino. Because, just like the Friends’ theme song, hill’s wine will be there for you (that’s the line, right?). Its legacy in the area can be traced back to 1892. Making the Swan Valley the second oldest wine region in Australia. We’ll drink to that!

Your future in the region can be equally solid – and grape-filled – with one of our pre-designed house and land packages. Each contains one of our tried and tested designs PLUS a plot of land from a brand name developer. Because, like Mary Poppins (yes, another Julie Andrews reference, shhh) the real magic is in the little details; the smartest extras, inclusions, and upgrades in town. See every home we build is decked out with high spec inclusions. There’s full internal painting, deluxe 900mm stainless steel appliances, WA made cabinetry, Colorbond roofing. Plus, it’s guaranteed to meet the NatHERS 6-star energy rating. We’ll also sign a fixed price contract, protect your home with a lifetime structural guarantee, and provide a six months maintenance period. Now that’s smart business (for you).

Can’t find a hills house and land package here that’s totally you? Let’s chat. We probably have some that haven’t hit the website yet (ok, we definitely do). And, if they don’t cut it either, we’ll work with you to devise a custom package that’s so you, it hurts (almost).


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*Advertised adjusted price includes $10,000 First Home Owners Grant (eligibility criteria applies). Terms and Conditions apply. Smart Homes For Living (Smart Homes), Building Contractor Number 10805 is part of Ventura Home Group Pty Ltd. Smart Homes is not the owner of the land and cannot guarantee its price or availability. Smart Homes has been authorised by the landowner to advertise the land as being available at the purchase price specified. The price advertised is an estimate of the costs to build with Smart Homes and separately purchase the underlying land from the owner of the land. The estimated price is therefore subject to change once all site works plans are completed and the current market value of the land and other relevant costs are taken into consideration. The elevation and images depicted in this advertisement are solely for illustrative purposes and are based on display homes, and may include features not included in our standard building contacts. The information and estimated pricing is correct at the time of posting, but subject to change without notice. Please read the terms and conditions on our website for further details.