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Ready for a house that rivals the Kardashians’?

Packed to the Rafters much?

Are you starting to feel like your house could be on an episode of Hoarders? You might be dreaming of a spacious, insta-perfect house that Marie Kondo would be proud of (yes, my cute mug collection does bring me joy!) – but have no idea how to afford a bigger house when you already own a home. Don’t stress, we have the answers!

Upgrade to a family-sized home

Everyone reaches the point where their first home doesn’t cut it anymore – when the kids’ shared room is starting to look like a scene from Mad Max, and you’re thinking of signing up for the next season of Survivor just to get some peace. Why not take the plunge and build a larger home?

Our large home designs are gorg, and you’ll get loads of extras like full wall paint, luxxy black-glass appliances, and fancy tapware – you’ll feel like your new digs is straight out of Selling Sunset (we can’t guarantee Orlando Bloom lives next door though). If you can’t think of anything worse than doing some finishing touches when the home is all yours, we have ready-to-move-in packages. Think blinds, air-con and lighting – oh my!

Next Home Buyer - Build a Bigger Home
Next Home Buyer - Finance

How is all this possible?

If you’re already picturing yourself setting up a smoker BBQ in the backyard (Curtis Stone vibes much?), and are keen to get moving with your next home purchase – then here’s your options:

Subject to sale – You have to sell your current house first to get the finance for the new one, so you’d have to tough it in a rental until the new house is ready. #Sacrifices, but oh so worth it.

Relocation / Bridging loan – This loan option lets you stay in your current house until the new one is built – so you’ll get time to sort through all those scented candles you never used before moving…

Investment Property You may be able turn your current house into an investment property and use the equity to fund your upgraded house #propertyempire.

If you’re ready to commit to a house upgrade – it’s time to let go, not like you did with your high school ball dress – then our finance smarties can help you out. You’ll be lounging in your comfy theatre room in no time – finally FIFA gets the big screen it deserves!

Ready to upgrade your abode?

If you’re ready for your Kanye-style mansion (before the divorce), then fill in your deets below and we’ll let you know what options suit you.

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You’re here so it can only mean one thing… you’ve got some Q’s. Great news, we’ve got the A’s in all things finance. And best of all? Even if your questions aren’t here, our finance smarties are one click or call away. Get in touch and they’ll get back to you ASAP.

How much deposit do I need for a second home?

To put it simply, usually a bit more than for your first home! But there are always options. Chat to our number smarties and they can assess your individual financial sitch and put you on the right track. Go go go!

What is a next time buyer?

A next time buyer is someone who has previously built or bought a home in Australia. We’re talking second home buyers, third home buyers, fourth…you get the idea. Sounds like you? It’s time to chat!

Can you get the First Home Owners Grant twice?

Sadly, no. You will not be able to receive the First Home Owners Grant if you have received it previously in Australia. This includes if your partner/spouse/friend you are building with has too. We know, booo.

Is it easier to buy a house the second time?

It is if you have the equity to tap into! How will you find out? By chatting to our team of number wizards, ofc!