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Invest smart and look after your future self

Your ticket to LeBron-level fortune

Are you ready to have enough cash to buy a cupboard specifically for your Nike sneaker collection? I mean, you may not get to the launching-yourself-into-space stage (soo necessary Branson), but a property empire ain’t too shabby!

To get started building your empire you’ll need to put down a lump sum of money or use equity from an existing house for your deposit. Then like a true property tycoon, your investment property costs could be all tax-deductible – that’s right, you can write off your interest and spend the money on pimping out another house so it looks like the mansion from The Great Gatsby.

What’s an investment loan

What’s an investment loan?

An investor loan helps you pay for a property you won’t be living in – perfect if you still dream of adventuring like bearded Zac Efron, but don’t want to crash at your parents’ house when you get back…

If you build your investment home from scratch, then you won’t have to constantly fix things for your renters (you just know they’ll call during the true crime climax). Our homes have a lifetime structural guarantee, and everything will be shiny and new – we can even deliver a rent-ready home, with aircon, flooring, blinds, and everything in between! This way, you can spend more time enjoying bottomless brunches than fixing up your investment property.

Not to mention that when building an investment home you only need to pay pesky stamp duty on the value of the land (and not the entire property value). Talk about a win-win, right?!

How do I know if I’m eligible?

Are you keen to casually tell that posh girl from yoga that you’re now a property investor? Great! You might need help from a finance smartie to work out if you qualify, but here’s the main info you should know:

  • The bank will probably want you to have around 10% of the house cost – goodbye caramel lattes…
  • If you’ve got enough equity in another property, you could use this instead of needing a huge deposit – hello morning caffeine boost!
  • A good credit history goes a long way – as long as you haven’t been listening to those crafty Sportsbet ads then you’ll be ok
  • You’ll need a stable job (ahh adulting *sigh*)
  • You may be able to use a family member’s home equity to get your investor home loan – lock in Sunday family dinners for the next decade…

If you’re sold but feel nervous about the responsibility (let’s be real, you were proud when you kept that cactus alive) – don’t worry, our Loan Co team will fill you in and make sure you’re set up to make decent cash from your investment.

Investment Loans Eligibility Criteria

Find out if you’re destined for a property empire.

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Here’s a few As to some Qs you may have.

What is an investor loan?

Essentially, an investor loan is exactly what it sounds like – a loan specifically for a property you’d like to have as an investment (aka you won’t be crashing in). Whether you already have a property empire or are just starting out, our team of smarties are here to help!

How much can I borrow as an investor?

That depends on a couple of things. Chat to one of our profesh Loan Co smarties who live and breathe finance. They’ll be able to give you the low down on how much cash moneyz you’ll need to be a property tycoon. C’mon, go now!

How much of a deposit do I need for an investment loan?

To build an investment property, you are expected to pay a lil’ more upfront than if you were going to live in it. Usually, the bank will expect you to come up with around 10% of the house cost (time to say bye bye to the caramel lattes for a while). It’s ok, we believe in you.

Do I qualify for an investment loan?

Maybe baby. To find out if you qualify it’s best to chat to one of our finance smarties who can assess your individual sitch.

But if wanna work it out on your own, here is the main boxes you’ll need to have ticked off:

  • Have around 10% of the property cost saved in the bank
  • Have a good credit history
  • Have a steady income

We’re not going anywhere so it’s ok, we’ll wait.