Can I get a home loan?


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We get it! You’ve got big dreams of a brand-new home. There’s nothing standing in the way … except maybe making bank? You’re unsure if you can afford it – and keep the double-shot-latte-lifestyle you want – and that’s totally normal. Working out your finances can be as stressful as the final kick on the buzzer. But it doesn’t need to be! That’s where we step in, your SFS (Stress Free Smarties). This is what we do, help our clients to turn their stunning new home dreams into a reality. We’ve done it so many times you could call us the home finance experts. We’ll answer all your Q’s, deal with the paperwork, and arrange your finances for the ultimate success. See? You can breathe out now, this is what winning feels like!

Home finance tailored to you

We know the ins and outs of home finance in Perth and we’re ready to spill the tea. We’re talking Government grants, schemes, investment strategies, the works! So, if you’re a first home buyer, a next home buyer, or even an investor; we’re here to help smarten up the process. Whilst we let you get on with the fun stuff like choosing the perfect floor plan and designing the picture-perfect dream house (hello Pinterest) we’ll take one for the team and crunch the numbers. After all, we’re the ones with the finance smarts, right?
first home buyers

First home buyers

This is a public service announcement to anyone STILL paying off someone else’s mortgage (aka renting). Did you know that if you can afford rent, you can afford to build?

We smarties over here can help you organise the funds and get you into your very own home. Srsly it’s time to stop giving your money away for someone else’s future. We’re all for building up your future smartie.

next home buyer

Next home buyers

Packed to the rafters? We feel ya! Everyone needs room to grow or a way to escape from the people who live in your house rent-free.

Whatever the reason for stretching out, sometimes a lil’ bigger is a whole lot better. We’ve got you covered, with larger home designs to suit any living arrangement and the know-how on all things finance! Grow, stretch, and dream big. Are you ready?



With rental vacancies at an all-time low, there has never (like ever, ever) been a better time to invest in the Perth property market.

Take in all the house and land packages in growing suburbs (plus the killer finance team to make it happen) and how could you not?

There is a tonne of options to make some extra $$ – let us help you get there!

The Quickest (& Smartest) Home Finance Quiz

Ok smarties, here’s the tea! You’re one quiz away from sussing out the right finance product for you. Picture it, your very own home one step closer in just 6 questions! It’s quicker than ordering your next Uber Eats.


Finance products

We know one size doesn’t fit all. Get your mind out of the gutter, we’re talking about financing a new home! And because we know that everyone has different needs, we have different finance solutions that can work for you, your situation, and your new home. We’ve lined them up for you to compare.

Keystart Home Loans

Keystart? More like Smart-start! Keystart is a government home loan lender that gives super-low deposit home loans (as low as 2%) and no LMI. That’s a kickstart right into your new home!


Low Deposit Home Loans

Anyone up for an extra-low deposit home loan?
With just a $3k deposit, you can start living your best life sooner.
Where’s the champagne at?


Guarantor Loans

A guarantor can help you get a home loan over the line without needing to front extra cash. Hell yeah! With a small deposit and a supportive parent/guarantor, you could be building in no time.


New Homes Guarantee Scheme

Got your 5% sorted but your parents aren’t keen to go guarantor? With the New Homes Guarantee Scheme, you can forget the pesky LMI and the government can cover your remaining 15%.


Construction Loans and Finance

Construction home loans are a little different from your usual home loan. From interest only repayments and changes during the phases of construction, it’s important to be set up.


Stamp Duty Concessions

If you’re a first home buyer, you may be able to get an exemption from paying stamp duty, saving you money to spend on your new interior instead. Throw cushions won’t pay for themselves.


Investor Loans

Ready to start your investment portfolio or maybe you’re building on your portfolio with another property. Either way, our team of finance smarties can help you find a loan to max your return.


Family Home Guarantee Scheme

We all know raising a family on your own can be super tough. That’s why the government is giving single parents a helping hand to buy their home with just a 2% deposit. How good is that?


Meet the Loan Co

At Smart Homes For Living, we have our very own in-house team of finance smarties. We can see them from our desk over there drinking their coffee and crunching their numbers. The Loan Co are our best kept secret. Shhh! You’ll have access to low deposit home loans, have help getting your finances in order and even assistance in applying for Government incentives.


You’re here so it can only mean one thing… you’ve got some Q’s. Great news, we’ve got the A’s in all things finance. And best of all? Even if your questions aren’t here, our finance smarties are one click or call away. Get in touch and they’ll get back to you ASAP.

Can I get a home loan with no deposit in Australia?

Gone are the days of needing a 20% deposit. But no deposit for a brand-new home without gifted funds may be pushing it. Even if you have a little bit of cash moneys, there are plenty of finance options available if you’ve saved 5% or even as little as 2% in some cases. But no matter your financial situation, our finance smarties are here to guide you in the right direction!

How hard is it to get a home loan?

To us, it’s less about what you know and more about who you know. With one of our finance smarties by your side, it’ll be easy as pie (yum). Our team will not only help you find out if you qualify, but they’ll also help determine the perfect finance product, help you apply for any government grants AND even do the paperwork for you! Win win win.

How do you know if you can afford a house?

Simples – Chat to our finance smarties! One of our brokers will crunch the numbers to determine your max home loan based on your income, living expenses and any other factors that count. Unfortunately, they will need to take a peek at your ‘treat yoself’ spending habits. Boooo.

How much can I borrow?

Asking “how much you can borrow?” is like asking “how long is a piece of string?”. Your borrowing capacity will depend on many-many factors. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Are single or in a couple?
  • Do you have any dependents?
  • How much income do you earn as a household?
  • Are you planning to live in the property or are you building for investment purposes?
  • What are your living expenses? (think food, electricity, transport, education, fun)
  • Do you have any debts? (think credit card, car loan, HELP loan, afterpay)
  • Will you be given any additional support by family or by gifted funds?

Want to know the finance product is right for you? Take the quickest (and smartest) home finance quiz to find out!