Wide Frontage House Plans

frontage over 17m

Wide frontage floor plans

Calling all creatives, designers, decorators, and those of y’all who thrive with a little (*ahem* a lot of) personal space. Wide frontage homes are your ticket to being more of you.

Perhaps you’re looking for a perfect country replica or crave the wide and wonderous views of an #instaworthy sunset, wide front homes are the big homes for your big ideas. But, before all that, let’s take one step back. What classifies a home as wide frontage? As much as we’d love to give you a questionable definition that would make Urban Dictionary squirm, we’ll stick with stats. A wide home plan is any home design with a frontage over 17 metres. To put that into perspective, that’s the equivalent of 6 Bunnings sausage sizzle stands! #yesplease

When it comes to wide frontage floor plans, you get a whole lotta space for a whole lotta your home ideas. More natural light, more feng shui, more space to party, more blank walls to decorate, and our fave … more room to GROW. For you, growth may mean a dedicated home office space (or three), an inhouse gym, a dedicated meditation room, or perhaps a space for a whole new human being (or three). Whatever growth means to you, wide house floor plans are ready to accommodate – and your investment grows while you do. Let’s check out some of our favourite wide homes:

Your wide frontage home design, your way

Now that you’ve had a taste of our larger homes, let us drill down into our top three and why we love them so much:

  1. The Driftwood – you can practically hear the theme song to any country romcom being whispered on the wind when you say that name. The country-designed home is the epitome of a wide frontage, 33 meters takes home the prize with floor-to-ceiling windows.
  2. The Olympia – she’s all about greatness and glory. Content warning: there’s nothing humble about this brag because we clearly named it after the Olympics and the only result we’ll except is GOLD BABY!
  3. The Monarch – this HUGE home comes with all the goods and then some. A scullery, walk-in-robes, four bedrooms, huge alfresco, office, theatre … feng shui ready!