Homes designs under $300k


Home designs under $300k

If your budget is set at $300k then you’ve come to the Smart place. Most of our home designs fall under this dreamy dollar mark! So you can stop dreaming and start talking. Go on, tell us what’s on the vision board (or Pinterest board) for your dream home under $300k. We’ll give you a sec….

Ok, we can’t really hear you through the non-human-ness of the web. (That would be creepy.) But we’ll take a stab at it and see if we can get close: You need at least three bedrooms – maybe even SIX! You’ve got two cars and the kids will eventually invest in their first love on four wheels too making lots of garage space a must. You may have a narrow lot home with a frontage of 7m OR be taking up some serious neighbourhood space with a frontage spanning up to 31metres. Then there’s rear and front living layouts, solar orientation, alfresco design and outdoor kitchens to consider. Let’s just say you want the lot. How did we do? Pretty spot on huh. That’s because all of our homes under $300k are so full of choice you can’t really go wrong.

Single, Smart, and Popular

If we were in the business of creating dating profiles that’s how we would describe our $300k single storey home designs. They’re a solid 9/10 (ok 10/10 but we were playing it cool), and everyone knows that when you find ‘the one’ you put a ring on it. So that’s how we’ll describe our home designs under $300k hence forth – so good you’ll want to put a ring on them!

They’re not just a pretty face though. They’re smart too. Almost as smart as those people who came up with the baby mop suit – thanks to a lifetime structural warranty and fixed site costs. Then there’s popular. Our most popular home designs can all be found under $315,000 mark, including The Bianca which is Hamptons everything, and The Driftwood which an ode to country (and country design). Can it get any smarter than that?