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Homes designs under $250k


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Home designs under $250k

Almost all of our home designs are under $250k. Yep, that’s including our fancy pants displays. So, if you’re looking for a design under this price point, welcome to the smart side (not as Darth Vader as it sounds, shame) you’re in for a treat. With $250,000 you can get yourself into a home design that is spec, spec, speccy! When we say spec, we mean specification. A building term which covers everything from home’s features to product inclusions, even the claimable brand names dotted (or in your case, crammed) throughout. The hardest thing will be deciding whether or not to leave room for a pool… And who to invite over first! It can’t be fri-yay drinks at your place every week, or can it?!

So, let’s talk about what specs you can ex(spec)t – soz, terrible word play – from a house plan under $250k. You can choose from total home areas spanning 119m2 all the way to 300m2 and beyond! There ain’t too much you’ll have to leave out of a home with that kind of size. Is it three or four bedrooms that you’re looking for. Or need to bump that up to five or six? With floorplans under $250k you can design it your way, even if that includes a separate wing for your side hustle – air bnb rental perhaps. Just sayin’.

House plans under $250k

Now that you’ve looked through the abundance of homes under $250,000, we need to make sure that you hit some of our faves! Let’s start with The Bianca. This Hamptons display is a breath of fresh air with the power to de-stress your stressiest of days – If only we came home to The Bianca after watching Mufasa die for the second time IRL?! Now that’s stress. The Empire is 300m2 of #SpaceSmarts with all the trimmings … including a double sized alfresco. The Matilda is our ode to country design, starting with the ever-spanning frontage. And then there’s The Sanctuary with a central courtyard design that’s so 2020. If you didn’t download the floorplan before, you’ll wanna get onto that asap. These house plans under $250k have earned some serious bragging rights. Oh, we should also mention that we have home designs starting from as little as $142k and displays from $196k! Check out our homes under $150k and our house plans under $200k.