3 bedroom home designs

starting at $229K

3 bedroom home designs

Three bedroom homes are one of the most popular ways to fast track yourself to the land of parties, BBQs, and popcorn fuelled movie nights – at your place of course. And we have close to TEN different designs that are all single story and perfect for couples, small families, downsizers, first home buyers, and *cough* you.

These homes may be simple 3 bedroom house plans, but they’re far from boring. With all of our smarties working together, we have made sure that these modern house plans are fitted out with everything you would expect in your new home – open plan living spaces, two bathrooms, double garages, alfresco areas for all of your summer dining needs, plus stunning kitchens that will look more like a set from Master Chef rather than your first home!

All of our kitchen cabinetry is made in WA so there’s the whole local thing built right into your fave room – well, a fave room for those of you who are diehard fans of Taco Tuesday!

Simple three bedroom house plans?

Nope, there’s nothing simple about our Smart homes. Each design can be customised into a plan that suits your lifestyle and your block! It’s all about your uniqueness with a dash of our Smarts. We have already built hundreds of three bedroom homes and there are always new designs bubbling away in our design studio. These plans can even be built as narrow lot home designs on frontages from just 7.5m!

So, what else is included?

Depending on the design you choose, there are tonnes of Smart extras on the table. If you’re diving into your own business from home, a Scandi study space may be on your must-have list. What about a theatre room to have a private screening of the 2019 Premiership? There’s also resort-style ensuites, free-standing bathtubs, and activity rooms on offer. Just because you choose a 3 bedroom house plan, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on anything! Your home needs to complement your lifestyle, and if that means a bath in the middle of the day followed by a few hours in the theatre, dinner outside, and a late-night study session for your online design course, then you do you!

Let’s not forget that all of our Smart homes are delivered with a Smart Guarantee. It’s a little something we masterminded to give you all the security you need. You get a lifetime structural warranty and fixed site costs. So, when we asked, “what’s included?” we should have really asked, “what’s not?!” Okay, the hot tub time machine is not included. And yes, we have been asked before!

Ready to see the plans?

You’ve come to the right page – ha. You’ve just got to scroll back up a little 😉 When you’re choosing the perfect plan for your new home, the number of bedrooms is a HUGE consideration. It’s usually the first step when you’ve got soooo many options to try and narrow down. If only there were a bachelor(ette) show for house plans *leaves to register copyright*. If a three bedroom house plan is perfect for you, then its also worth checking out our house plans under $300k (yep, that’s what we said and we’re sticking to it)! There’s also some amazing 3 bed house plans for under $400k with even more extras to swoon over. These plans are definitely rose worthy!