Small House Designs

under 160m2

Small home plans

Are you all about the less? The less cleaning, less energy usage, less wasted money. Your life of less really amounts to a life of more. But you already know that, right?!

When you opt in for a smaller dwelling, what you’re really saying is, “I want to clean my whole house in 30mins, not 30 hours” and “I would rather spend my money on cocktails in Croatia not on huge mortgage repayments” or, how about, “sorry random extended family member, my dogs take up all the spare rooms I have.” When you choose a small home plan, it means more time for the important things in life – Insta isn’t going to scroll itself you know?!

For the sophisticated souls, the family bunch, or the loved-up couples; we have a few fav small house floor plans with a big heart. The Murano with her open-planned family room and walk-in-robe. The Electra, with a stunning courtyard and HUGE master suite. And The Skye with her breakfast bar benchtop and outdoor alfresco. These beauties have got the goods to show you just how grand small house floor plans can be!

Your small home design, your way

We understand you live a busy life. Binge watching the Mandalorian while making your own Baby Yoda meme and possibly embarking on your passion project while activating for climate change reform. You’ve got enough going on and you don’t need a high-maintenance home to add to the list. But that doesn’t mean that you miss out either. Walk-in-robes? YEP. Ensuite bathroom? OF COURSE. Courtyard cuteness? DEFS. Bathtub, porch, three bedrooms, open-planned design? TICK, TICK, TICK, TICK.

When in doubt, just remember: a house is not just a place you fill with multiple succulents, it’s a place that needs to complement your lifestyle. Oh, and we were going to write about all the good things that come in small packages but we already used up the Baby Yoda reference and there’s nothing that can top that. Happy small house hunting #minimalistsmarts #smallhousesmarts