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Homes with an office

Shout out to all the bloggers out there, the freelance designers, the soon-to-be uni grads, and the work-from-home smarties. Designing your new home with a home office is a must and the next smart questions is: “does that file bring you joy?”

Perhaps you’ve heard of her, perhaps you still live in a home full of belongings that don’t bring you joy *awkies*. It’s the Maria Kondo method and it can work some serious magic in your home office. A home design with a study means that you can create a designated space for you to work, study, read, think, and invent (FB didn’t invent itself you know?!) Clearly there’s no space for clutter when you’re busy manifesting your empire – or binge reading Reese Witherspoon’s latest book club pick. Before we share Kondo’s top de-cluttering tips, let’s have a look at some already zen AF home designs with an office:

We promised…

Ok, so we promised tips from the decluttering guru herself so here goes. Firstly, it’s a method done by category not by room. Leave the sentimental items for last.  These are things you would normally store in your home office so by getting started on the paper copies of your life, you can start maximising home office space. Moving into your new Smart home is the perfect opportunity to declutter your life and move into a home study that’s big on space and tiny on clutter! Even small office spaces can become the most inspiring room of the house. Hey, a home design with an office is the perfect way to encourage your teens to get into their homework and start writing those Uni application letters!

Okay, back to Marie Kondo – her next hottest tip is to only keep items that speak to your heart and spark joy. Stay with us on this one. We know it sounds a bit (#alot) airy-fairy but this is about looking towards your future and being mindful about the things you invite into your home – and your home office. If you figure yourself a bit of a smartie, firstly, you’re in good company with us *side grin* and secondly, a home design with a study is your ticket to work-from-home bliss. Just think of how productive you can be in your PJs while you sip coffee instead of sitting in peak hour traffic. It’s not just a clutter-free home office you can achieve, it’s a clutter-free existence!