Narrow lot homes

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Narrow Lot Home Designs

Our design smarts are in full force when we create one of our narrow lots home designs. Because great things are meant to happen in narrow spaces! Laneway bars, pop-up coffee shops, fashion runways, and let’s not forget about that humbly long plastic water slide on Australia Day. They’re all on narrow lots, and they’re all amazing. A little like this range of small home designs. Ha!

Ok, we tried but we just can’t do it to you. Fib that is. As much as we would like to claim water-slide envy (and a little Aussie day tipsiness) sparked the idea for this range, the truth of the matter is our location smarties recommended it. Based on cold hard facts, like how WA blocks are getting smaller.

So you could say we’re jumping the narrow home bandwagon. But we’re also bringing a smarter solution to the table. See, some builders will simply suggest a smaller version of an existing design because it’s easier for them. But at Smart Homes For Living we’re not about shortcuts – we’re about all the smarts. So we designed this range with an extra dose of internal bigness i.e. Space Smarts. And we’ll do the same for any custom narrow lot home we design too.

Customised Narrow Lots Designs

Our narrow lot home designs feature everything a growing family needs. Three bedrooms? Sure! Two bathrooms and a tub? Yep! Open-planned kitchen with island benchtop? Of course! Rooftop garden overlooking the NYC skyline featuring a private sauna and sushi bar? Okay, maybe not everything but we get pretty close. While a rooftop garden doesn’t feature in this particular group of narrow lot home designs (yet), there’s an outdoor space which is even more on trend – the central courtyard! Any of our small block house plans can be designed with one. In fact, all of our smaller lot home plans are customisable based on your lifestyle and/or lot requirements.

Our Small Block House Plans

Our designs cover frontages from 7m, 7.5m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, to 11m+. Choosing to build with a project builder means a whole lot of savings on top of a lifetime of trust and security. Take a browse through our small block house plans and you’ll see that we have thought of it all; you can even get the Captain Planet theme song programmed as your doorbell chime.