5 bedroom home design

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5 bedroom home design

Who wants less when you can have more? Pretty much no one with a big family and even BIGGER ideas for their new home! Which is why our 5 bedroom house plans deliver space and lots of it. Which means your new home has the potential to deal with anything life throws your way. An au pair aka live-in peacemaker? #Woopsie baby? Overseas visitors? (Okay, they often get a bad rap, but they usually bring OS goodies and that makes up for the extra set of sheets that need to be washed.)

Or, you could do what lots of your fellow smarties have done and turn an extra room into a salon or an office for home professionals. The options are EXTRA. Then there’s the extra level of comfort for you and your immediate family – as your kids grow, they’ll have the space they need to stretch their limbs (that’s the saying, right?!) and you’ll have the space to escape when you need to!

First things first, start by escaping into this 5 bed home design: 

Getting Smart about space

Space is one of the main things people need when they design their new home! Space for storage, space for play, space for work, space for … well, space’s sake. So, we designed a whole range (no awards for guessing the name) called, Space Smarts Range.This is our range of large house plans, 5 bedroom homes, and designs that will deliver the most impressive echo! When you commit to a space smart home, you also commit to parties at your place! If this sounds like your idea of heaven, then you’ll want to bail on this page ASAP and view The Pacific. The side of this home is all about opening up the outdoors to breathe life (and party vibes) into the open-planned living spaces. And hey, it doesn’t always have to be about parties, your big home design could be about stay-cations and creating that holiday vibe at home. When you have a 5 bedroom home, it will always feel like a holiday at home.

Flexible 5 star (*ahem* bedroom) homes

All of our Smart homes are custom designed for you and your lifestyle. Forgot the cookie cutter style homes with no personality because the last thing we want to create is a row of identical homes – our homes are all about expressing your unique style! That why our 5 bedroom home plans are designed to be flexible, so you don’t have to be. Let’s chat details:

  • The kitchen: You can choose between a U-shaped kitchen, an L-shape, an island design, or a galley kitchen. This is where your interior designer personality can shine as bright as the pendant lighting you choose to drape over the bench tops.
  • The size: We know you want a large house plan but are you looking for 200m2? 300m2? Or perhaps even more! “Go small or go home” said no one ever.
  • The style: Like we said, all of our Smart homes are about YOU and your lifestyle, that includes your personal style. With 5 bedroom house plans, you could choose to go all modern everything, or extend the frontage to create that country vibe. Perhaps you’re more into a courtyard design whereby we design the home around a central courtyard that makes the ultimate statement.

Building with the best

Then there’s this fancy online design tool, iDesign, that we created so that you can unleash your inner design guru and create your perfect 5 bedroom home from anywhere – well, anywhere that you can get internet connection! And, as a final note, just thought we would mention that we’re part of WA’s most awarded building group, Ventura Home Group, and have a 4.6* rating on product review PLUS some of the best inclusions as standard. Yep, a little bit of a humble brand to finish things off is never a bad idea. Happy 5 bedroom house planning 😉