homes designs with an alfresco

starting from $229K

Homes with an outdoor alfresco

We live in the best city in the world and it’s pretty much thanks to our backyard. We have blue skies, white sandy beaches, forests, dense bush, a wine region *praise* and that’s all without going into our love of backyard cricket and the weekend BBQ! So, when it comes to the alfresco design of your new home, it’s all about your UBP (unique backyard personality)! The Staycatione-er, The Theme Queen, The BBQ Bandit – we’ve got definitions and speccy homes for them all. Starting from $180k. Keep scrolling to find out more.

The Staycation-er

Your home is your haven, and the backyard is your outdoor oasis. Sure, people can come and visit but you’d rather they didn’t. When you book your holiday leave, you plan a staycay that’s got all the trimmings of a vacay without the drama of flights, hotels, and lost luggage eww. You dream of an alfresco that instantly transports you to the resort of your dreams. There’s lush greenery, natural wood decking, perhaps a hammock in the corner. You’ve got a cocktail in one hand and a book (or iPad) in the other. Your idea of an alfresco design is one that blocks out the noise of the world and gives you room to just be. The Sanctuary; she gets you.

The Theme Queen

You’re the entertainer of the family, the theme queen. If there’s a holiday to be celebrated, you’re the first one to order the coloured balloons – green for St. Paddy’s Day, white and brown for National Ice Cream Sandwich Day (yep, it’s a thing). When you enter any new space you instantly envision where the doughnut wall will go and how people will line up for the photobooth without blocking the eskies. For you, there’s nothing better than a great party (except one that’s hosted by you). Your new home design needs demands and outdoor entertaining area and they don’t get much better than The Olympia.

The BBQ Bandit

No matter whose home you’re visiting, you dive right in there and take over BBQ duties. Sure, it gets you out of doing the dishes later but it’s more than that for you. It’s a love of the BBQ and all that it represents: char-grilled connection and trusted taste-testing is just the beginning. Your home design with an alfresco will need ample space for a deluxe BBQing station. A Webber that can be wheeled around just won’t do, you’re a culinary expert and the BBQ is your tool of choice. You’ll want to check out The Grand Selena. Of course, the layout of the alfresco will need to take into consideration afternoon wind conditions – it’s all about the spread of onion aroma throughout the home, we get it!