Homes designs with an activity room

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Homes with an activity room

Time to dive into your fave pastime: party planning! Okay, before we get to the core of your true self (complete with the hottest guest list!) we need to get the floorplan locked in. Any entertainer will know that the floorplan can make or break an event. It’s something these smarties have in common with our home designers. Oh, and the next best thing is a blank canvas. Hello activity room! It’s a space that can be used for anything your smarts can dream up.

Sure, we went straight to party central but you can take that blank canvas and create your own masterpiece. We’ve seen house plans with an activity room turn into house plans with a kids’ zone. House plans with a shared office space, a sewing studio, a man cave. Full disclosure: we think man caves are totally 2001 but we’re all for bringing back the ‘good room’ of the 80s. You know the one, you weren’t allowed to play in there as kids and when the adults came over they sat in the good room with all the glass figurines. But enough nostalgia, here are our home designs with an activity room:

Create order from chaos

If you’re planning to build a home with a games room, it’s the perfect way to keep your kids’ mess under wraps. When it’s outta sight, it’s outta mind. But, that doesn’t mean it’s all mess and disorder. You can create a study nook in one corner, a quiet space with a weighted blanket in the other corner – we’re all for this weighted blanket craze. A games room is also the perfect place to host your playdates. Who says you can’t have a coffee machine in a games room?

Some of our fave homes come complete with an activity room. The Empire is our pick for all the party peeps out there. You can open up the HUGE alfresco and transform your home into the ultimate party pad. The Olympia is the house design with an activity room you can twist into the ultimate play room. Then there’s The Orion with an activity room that’s split into a study space and an IT nook. Our floorplan smarts were on fire that day. If you’re ready to flex your own floorplan smarts, create a custom home design with an entertaining room on our iDesign platform. We can’t wait to see what your smarts come up with!

Your design, your way

10m frontage home designs that come out of Smart’s brain trust (aka our design studio) can be three or four bedrooms. So, a smaller block does not mean that you have to compromise on space. In fact, our 10m wide homes are totally customisable, so you can design your new home exactly how you’ve always envisioned it. We don’t subscribe to the ‘one size fits all’ idea – we don’t even wear hats that say that on the tag! Our Smart homes are all about celebrating your uniqueness and creating a home that feels like, well, home.

It’s the urban feelin’

10m frontage homes are perfect for inner city homes and those that love the urban scene. And who wouldn’t love not having to doubt if Uber Eats is going to deliver to your new home? And then there’s the new bakery scene that’s turning our city walkways into the sweetest smelling streets in the country (better than the Subway cookie smell for sure)! Okay, it’s not all about food (??) when you’re a city person, your home is destined to have a certain feeling that brings the energy of the streets into your home. It may be Highgate, Subi, West Leederville, Maylands, or Mt Hawthorn; your urban-feeling home is something that fits a 10m frontage home to a T(ea cake).

Everything about your 10m frontage home design is all you: your lifestyle, your needs, your space, your SMARTS! Thinking of going a little wider? Check out our chats about 12m frontage homes and 15m wide home designs, or, see more narrow block designs.