15m frontage home designs

starting from $238K

15m wide home designs

If you’re on the hunt for a 15m frontage home (or less) then we’ve got your back! With 15m to work with, our design smarts swing into creative overdrive. Sure, smaller lot homes are also full of inspiration but when we have 200m2 – 300m2 to work with, the extra space is like a blank canvas. You could have a dedicated painting studio, your own silent disco room, a kid’s zone, a multigenerational retreat, an indoor gym area or, you could dedicate the extra space to an even bigger outdoor alfresco that will double as your summer dining room (aka party palace)! Having a 15m frontage house design at your fingertips means that it’s time to think outside the box and create the home that is perfect for you. And while you’re there dreaming up all the ways you can design your 15m lot floorplan we’ll just quietly mention that these Smart house plans start at $237,990*!


That covers the budget smarts, now it’s GO time …

We’ve got FIFTEEN designs ready to G.O.

There are times when you want to work with a blank slate (like when it’s platter o’clock and the Brie is calling your name) and there are times when you need a bit of structure to work with. We have over 15 homes already designed that fit within a 15m frontage lot and almost FOURTY designs that are 15m and below. There’s certainly nothing lacking when it comes to choice. You could choose a little from this design and a little from that design and ta-da your perfect new home! Start with the Space Smart Series. Then watch the 15 metre wide home designs you love so much start coming to life…

Time to see them IRL

There’s only so much that you can envision on a screen, we get that. That’s why we have a list of swanky display homes that showcase 15 metre wide home designs and we just vacuumed yesterday so they’re ready to go! Just remember to pack some snacks, you could get hungry walking through some of these giants:

  • The Sanctuary (display). We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: two words for you: Central. Courtyard. 15m frontage home designs like this take a certain level of design smarts and we just happen to have them in excess. Just imagine all the natural light that will filter through your home when you put a courtyard right in the middle!
  • The Selena (display). Another one of our space smart homes that’s totally ready to boast about her hugeness and we certainly won’t get in her way. The Selena is a 12m lot Perth home that shows just how much you can fit on a larger lot. It’s the extras like a twin shower, kitchen scullery, and high ceilings that make all the difference.

Ready to get large?

You know your size, you know your budget (if that was a “no” then have a quick look at our loan calc to get some finance smarts on board) and you’re ready to design. After a few display home visits, the vision becomes even clearer still! Time to dive right into it today with iDesign. If you’re reading this in bed it’s no probs, our online design tool does not require you to change out of your UGGs at any point.

Not sure if 15m is the right size? Take a peek at our 10m frontage designs, or our 12m designs.