12m frontage home designs

starting at $261K

12m wide home designs

If you’re looking for a 12m frontage home, you’ve pretty much entered a buffet of choice (dessert and bar tab included)! Most new estates are full of 12m wide home designs and they’re perfect for first and second home buyers alike! Building a 12m frontage home means building a home that’s all yin and yang. Affordable yet modern. Spacious yet homely. Designer interiors yet your style written all over it. That means that when you build your 12m lot home with us, it’s all about flexibility. Activewear optional! Speaking of flexibility, all of our 12m wide house designs are available in multiple specs, depending on the level of blingy you’re after – are you more a Qween B or relate more to that guy who lived in a tree for a few months?!

Size matters

Yep, you heard it here first (or, maybe you’ve heard it before?) because when it comes to building your new home, it’s kind of essential that the home you choose fits on the block you buy! Our 12m frontage floorplans come from 170m2 – 200m2 and even beyond that. Once you know the size you’re working with, you can start filling the space. Is it three bedrooms or four? Do you need a two-car garage, or three? After an activity space or perhaps you need a study and private theatre? It may seem a little overwhelming at first but this is the FUN part. It’s when your 12 metre wide house plans starts coming to life with a combination of your smarts and ours. Speaking of our smarts – something we’re quite fond of actually – you can read all about them here.

More than a floorplan

With all of those smarts under one roof, we couldn’t very well just whip up some cookie cutter floorplans and call it a day. Nope, not our style! We customise all of our new homes to fit within your block and your lifestyle. Firstly, your 12m frontage home comes with a choice of six rendered front elevation styles! First impressions count and when your mates pull up to see your new digs, we’ll except nothing less than a “holly sh*&” response. Oh, and did we mention that a choice between six elevations is just ONE of our standards. You also get to choose between a Colorbond steel roof or a Deluxe tiled roof cover, Colorbond gutters and fascia, WA-made cabinetry, and deluxe stainless-steel kitchen appliances. Then there’s the whole lifetime structural warranty. It’s no surprise that we’ve won all those awards! Nothing humble about that brag but we’re sticking by it.

Certainly not a dime a dozen (number pun intended)

See what we did there? Okay, moving on. One of our biggest selling 12m frontage house plans is The Optimus and it’s actually part of our Space Smarts Range. The Optimus is just a taste of what you can get with a 12m wide lot – four bedrooms, his and hers walk-ins, theatre, open-planned living space, and a twin shower. But, if anything doesn’t fit your style, then we’ll work together to design something that’s perfect for you, for free of course! It’s all part of our smart service. 

Read all of that and then realised that you actually need a 10m frontage home design? No problem, we’ve got a page for that too. While we’re here we should mention that we design custom 15m frontage homes too. Whatever frontage you’re looking for, just get in touch and we can chat through your new home needs!